[Mindfulness Notes] How Happiness Works in Life

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I have always believed that life is about how we respond to things not about how things happen to us.

We can have a lot of problems, but that doesn't mean we will think that these problems are the things that make us worse off. The people who succeed in life are the ones who manage to respond to problems as calmly as possible and who don't get crushed into trouble.

People who are successful in overcoming problems will think that problems are things that are used to live. They don't complain and don't press too deeply to make them give up. Instead of not accepting the dark situation when there are many problems, they choose to walk with the courage to face the problem and finally they become winners.

From these things, I learned that we must always focus on positive things, not focus on negative things that can make us even more devastated.


Changing Perspectives on Life

The most difficult thing about changing ourselves for the better is about changing our perspective on life.

It is difficult for a person not to think of himself as a victim in a painful situation. But that's how life is. People who don't accept their situation will only get worse. Conversely, people who accept no matter how bad their life is will succeed in finding solutions to make their lives better. Because, they have accepted reality, they realize that they have to change their situation for the better.

So the first thing we change when we find happiness for ourselves is to change our perspective on life.

It's not a bad life, just certain bad moments. It is not your life that is destroyed, you are just in a moment that is not right for you to pass it to the right place.

Believe in Hope


For a realistic person, perhaps hope is nonsense. But that's how it should have been. We will remain in a dark place if we feel there is no point in going forward because we think there is no light ahead.

While those who believe in hope, will always look forward. Leave things behind them, and they always motivate themselves that there will be light ahead. It was their trust that enabled them to walk forward constantly, trying to find or even create happiness for themselves.

The night sky was dark, but there were more bright stars there. That's how happiness works in life.

We are grateful for whatever we can have, instead of grieving for failing to have what is gone.


Note: This is a record of my journey of how I am progressing to see life better. I try to see new perspectives that can make me more grateful every day.

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