Think About These Things If You Want To Give Up

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Every day we have new problems that change and then leave. There has never been a person who was without problems even though they seemed fine.

Feelings of wanting to give up often come, even if only a simple problem appears. Our mental strength every day is different. Sometimes we are at our weakest point, sometimes we are mentally strong.

When that desire to give up comes

Have you ever felt that everything was not right, and you wanted to give up?

You stare at your desk, stare at the people you care about, then you realize you're not successful enough to make them proud. Maybe you think like that?

This is not about other people. This is about you. You have complete control over yourself.

If you want to give up, think about it, do you want to just quit? You think of the people out there who may be less fortunate than you, but they still manage to get on with their routine and even smile.

You have to think again, that your life has meaning. You are valuable when you are born in this world.

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You Are Valuable, Even If You Get Lost Often

Maybe you think you are nothing in this world. If you disappear or are gone forever, no one will look for you. But that's just your thought.

You were born to be worthy, even though you were born into a family that has nothing. You are only lost for a moment, to find your own worth.

So when you feel like giving up today, think again that you are not that poor. You will be completely worthless if you give up.

Get up, and think again about something unique that is in you. Maybe behind your shortcomings, that's the uniqueness that can make yourself valuable.

It's OK Crying and screaming

Release the pressure that you feel every day. It's okay to give yourself time to cry or scream. Find a quiet place so that you are free to do it.

You can also do adrenaline-pumping sports occasionally to release pressure on yourself.

If you want to give up, then all you have to think about is your precious self, yourself who shouldn't be a loser by just giving up. You have a special line of life, even though you are still lost today.

Don't forget to be grateful :)

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