🎨 "Home" - A Visionary Music Video Launching Today

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"Home" is a song carried by Hive artists, and it feels natural to share it here first. Today is the launch day. I and @wildfamily are delighted to introduce this music video, exemplifying the dream come true that is achieved through creativity and community. We are thankful for Hive, and the infinite possibilities presented here.


A Song Exploring the Ranges of Fear and Love

In our humble opinions, the song itself is visionary. While the words are simple, the sentiment is profound, with an emotional energy that moves some people to tears when we play it in live music events. This song ventures into the depths of fear and the heights of love, exploring the space between joy and sadness.

Like any ecstatic song, this one displays itself in different styles for different occasions. It is a children’s lullaby. It is a teen’s dreamy slow song for a high school prom. It is a married couple’s celebration song for an enduring romance. It is an elder’s song for a funeral. In fact, the song feels as ancient as it feels new-it is timeless.

Thanks to our eight bandmates, we had the pleasure of joining together our combined voices, instruments, and talents in a stunningly beautiful studio recording. Here we have the cello evoking the element of water, and the flute holds the wind. The concert harp brings the shimmer and sparkle. A piano gives the elegance, and the vocal arrangement is angelic. The guitar, bass, and drum is rocking awesome. What more is left to be desired?


A Creative Journey Exploring Life After Death

It all starts with an idea, and then a vision is born.

Visualizing this song as an image and an art film was an opportunity to draw attention to the lyrics by poetically displaying the words in striking imagery. At first I saw a sublime scene with many people on a beach, walking nude, directly into the ocean. Then I saw people flying gracefully over the horizon, like seagulls. I saw people drifting in space, shining like the stars. I saw people entering a cloud-like paradise.

Being a documentary filmmaker for the past five years, I've had occasional opportunities to work with green screens and special effects techniques, but this video took me into entirely new artistic territory. How would we achieve human flight? How would we create a heavenly paradise? Our only resource was our own hearts and minds, and our infinite creative potential. Thankfully, we had ample energy, because we had each other. It was an adventure full of surprises, failures, successes, and chiefly above all: surrender.

Before we had a green screen, we had a white wall.

The early artwork for our single is a human flight over a golden ocean.

A few of the numerous learning experiences include the fact that we lost our film footage on two separate occasions. First, we braved a tropical storm on the Texas Gulf Coast in order to capture the scene of our entry into the ocean, which we repeated at sundown and sunrise, sleeping on the beach. Epic! And then when we return to Austin the next day we discovered that our memory card didn’t hold the data because of a card error. We lost all the footage.

Later, we arranged a recording session with a whole band, covering everything in the flying scenes to the heaven scenes. And then once again I lost all the footage through my own mistake after being a bit hesitant to invest in a much-needed hard-drive to manage our studio’s massive amount of video footage. Naturally, my guitar got thrashed in the ocean’s waters. Interestingly, my brand new green screen cloth arrived with a hole in it. Fortunately, I completed the project with forgiveness and flaws, just doing the best I could, working with what I had, following the flow of inspiration.

Maybe the inspiration is the most exciting part of this journey. I’ve already mentioned that the song takes on various emotional energies, being a spacious placeholder for shadow work, healing, contemplation, and divine connection. It is very spirited, and spiritual. It is meditative. It is medicating, remedying the pains of being scared and feeling alone. The simple words are familiar and soothing to me, like the voices of my ancestors. The guitar riff is hypnotic to me, like a sacred pattern that aligns me with my higher calling.

This film took us all the way to heaven and back.

Our bandmates played the part of the ancestors we find in paradise.

Kate played the part of a guardian angel, awakening and accompanying me.

I honor and appreciate her willingness to bring her wedding dress into the sea. Repeatedly.

I honor and appreciate the Spirit, overseeing everything.

Home is the #2 single released by Cosmic Butterflies [And A Bear], currently available for streaming and digital download: Spotify | Apple Music | Google Play.

What do you feel when you hear this song? What to you wonder about when you see this film? What do you think? What do you believe?
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The video has a really nice concept ,very simple ,yet chic ,subtle and Heart warming . Acoustics too 😍

Thanks for seeing these qualities and saying so. I'm happy it made a positive impression on you.

This is beautiful, I thought of my sister as I listened to and watched the video. She would be turning 45 on Sunday, Her last wish was to visit the ocean and we managed to take her to the atlantic ocean, it was so windy and wet, but it felt so good to be there and it was so important for her to see the ocean. Thank you for this.
It is really important to open up conversations around death xxx

Thank you, sis. Yes, I feel the same. For so many of us, the fears of death gets in the way of truly living. One of the most liberating ideas I've ever heard on this subject comes from a book called Being Peace, by Thich Nhat Hanh, where it says: "We don't have to wait to get to paradise." I feel heaven on earth is a real possibility, here and now, just as heaven in the afterlife is possible, there and then. I am further comforted by the promise of eternal life, which is a phenomenon that is written about and explored endlessly, e.g. Life After Life—a book that scientifically discovers comparable experiences of near-death experience survivors. I am one!

Sorry for the loss of your sister, and hopefully you are able to continue carrying that loving vibration for each other as eternal kindred spirits. Touches my heart to think of you bringing her to the ocean, connecting with that mysterious force.

woah! great song folks x

heck of a video too! I know the pains (and joys?) of video production. Its no mean feat :) big love to you all

Love you right back brother. Thank you. Missing your creative talents. Gratefully awaiting your triumphant return.