Exploring Stress and how to control part 2

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Hello friends, hopefully you will be enjoying your life with good health and spirit. My friends, stress is our biggest enemy. It is important to address this issue as early as possible otherwise it will make the situation worse for you. In my last post I discussed few reasons that creates stress. Now it's time to explore the reason in detail. If you missed my previous post. click here


Thinking beyond circle of influence is the other reason of stress. Everybody has influence on other. It is important to think only at a point of your circle of influence. Beyond thinking will give you headache and stress. Let me clarify this by example. You are on a road and you observed worried faces on the road as their car tyre was flat. What you can do for them? You can help them by changing the tyre. This is with in your reach. If you don't have time you will pray for them. This is with in your reach. This is circle of influence. But if you think otherwise why the tyre is flat? why the companies made such tyres which flat on the road? Obviously this is not in your scope. Thinking like this only gives you headache. It is important to understand you can't change things which is not in your hand. So, don't worry about those things which are not in your hand. Thinking about matters beyond your scope give you nothing except utilizing your energy. You know my friends too much thinking only increase your stress level and cause headache.


It is a universal fact that five fingers are not the same. Just like five fingers two people are not same. They have different luck. So, it is worthless to compare yourself with other. It only enhance your stress level. It's a bitter truth we can't compare ourselves only with the person who are more successful than us. We never compared with the people who achieved nothing. Comparing yoruself with the people who achieve less give you satisfaction. On the other hand people who achieve more in life will create stress. So, it is important not to make comparison with other. If you really want to improve yourself than compare yourself with yourself. What you were in the past and where you are stand now is a good way to compare yourself.

These are the simple things which can be easily controlled to reduce our stress level. What is your opinion my friends? I would love to read your suggestion and pearl of wisdom in comment section. Wish you a happy and very blessed life ahead. Have a nice time!

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