planting food at home, food at your fingertips.

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planting food at home, food at your fingertips.

This is the patio of my house, I believe that much of the secret to be able to lead a sustainable and ecological life, passes through self-management and self-sufficiency in various aspects, is in food. Having a large space in my yard gave me the opportunity to plant and have part of my food at home.
Care must be taken of the land, the preparation of the ground must be taken into account. It will be enough that the land is cleaned, removing the weeds, stones and glass so we can have a very careful and fertile land. To nourish my land and give me a good harvest, I use organic remains such as eggshells, potato remains, ashes, fruit remains, vegetable remains.
Right now I have a large load of lemon that the tree gives me, knowing that the price of lemon rose a lot, because it is consumed to avoid the flu and especially this virus, due to its vitamin C content.



Waiting for the patches to ripen, it is one of my favorite fruits, thanks to its excellent flavor, particular aroma and acidity, very delicious sweets can be prepared, even tea infusion, which helps you relax and sleep better.

I also have auyama grown, when I mature I will prepare a cheese.


I even visited a small iguana, I was scared to be surprised by this beautiful little animal, it gave me time to take one.

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Planting food at home MATTERS! as does having healthy food at your fingertips. 😊

Where are you from? By the iguana I'm guessing Venezuela. Yes??