Novel use of bees in the Production of Medicinal Honey based on Cannabis

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Good evening dear friends greetings from Venezuela, today I want to talk about a very interesting topic is a kind of invention discovered by an intelligent and intelligent French beekeeper named Nicolas Trainerbees and is the honey extracted or made from the resin of the Cannabis leaf or Marijuana. Its result is called 'cannahoney', a delicious nectar this product has been very attractive for many people has not gone unnoticed but since nothing is perfect in this life its creator has to face the restrictions and laws of his country.

Buenas noches queridos amigos saludos desde Venezuela, el dia de hoy quiero hablar de un tema bastante interesante es una especie de invento descubierto por un inteligente y sagaz apicultor Frances llamado Nicolas Trainerbees y es la Miel extraida o elaborada de la resina de la hoja de Cannabis o Marihuana .Su resultado se llama 'cannahoney', un delicioso néctar este producto ha sido muy atractivo para muchas personas no ha pasado desapercibido pero como nada es perfecto en esta vida su creador tiene que hacer frente a las restricciones y leyes de su país.

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Nicolas says that since he was just a child he began to medicate with cannabis and to experience his great benefits he defines himself as passionate about nature and the training of all kinds of animals. This man has been investigating the properties of the plant and the insects to which the insects dedicate their domestic life to the point of achieving that they behave like the desired good, we all have gifts and that of this man is to be charming animals.

nicolas cuenta que desde que era tan solo un niño comenzo medicarse con cannabis y a experimentar sus grandes bendeficios se define como un apasionado por la naturaleza y por el entrenamiento de todo tipo de animales. este señor lleva años investigando las propiedades de la planta y de los insectos a los que dedican su vida doméstica los insectos al punto de lograr que se comporten como el deseabueno todos tenemos dones y el de este señor es ser encantador de animales ..


the procedure to elaborate his famous 'cannahoney', as he himself has decided to call his peculiar honey, consists of training the bees to
that collect the marijuana resin and use it in the hive. "Then, the final substance is the natural work of these small insects.

el procedimiento para elaborar su famosa 'cannahoney', como el mismo ha decidido llamar a su peculiar miel consiste en entrenar las abejas para
que recojan la resina de marihuana y la utilizen en la colmena". Después, la sustancia final es el trabajo natural de estos pequeños insectos.


The resulting honey has the same effects as cannabis. Its terpenes which are the chemical compounds responsible for creating the specific aroma and flavor between each type of marijuana, in order to distinguish the different strains with our olfactory senses. this honey they have a "delicious and pleasant taste" reminiscent of the fresh plant, although the taste changes slightly from one crop to another.

la miel resultante posee los mismos efectos que el cannabis. Sus terpenos los cuales son los compuestos químicos responsables de crear el aroma y sabor especifica entre cada tipo de marihuana, para asi poder distinguir con nuestros sentidos olfativosy gustativos las diferentes cepas esta miel, tienen un "sabor delicioso y agradable" que recuerda a la planta fresca, aunque el sabor cambia ligeramente de un cultivo a otro.



This honey usually has a "quite floral" smell and a variable color that usually ranges from light green to white or yellow. This product is not smoked, ingested and has medicinal properties.

esta miel suele tener un olor "bastante floral" y un color variable este suele ir desde el verde claro al blanco o amarillo.este producto no se fuma, se ingiere y tiene propiedades medicinales..

Apparently, Cannahoney has a wide range of positive effects, which includes pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.

Al parecer, Cannahoney tiene una amplia gama de efectos positivos, que incluye alivio del dolor y propiedades antiinflamatorias.


friends I am impressed by the diversity of products that can be obtained from this plant, nature is wise so much that the honey bees that are not affected by cannabinoids because they have no endocannabinoid system

amigos me quedo impresionada de la diversidad de productos que pueden obtener a partir de esta planta la naturaleza es sabia tanto asi que las abejas fabricantes de esta miel no se ven afectados por los cannabinoides porque no tienen sistema endocannabinoide.


God bless you dear friends, thank you until a new opportunity my message for today is that we take care of our environment, since we are an integral unit nature man, bees have an important role in our planet are the best and most efficient responsible pollinators of the reproduction and perpetuation of thousands of plant species, producing food.

Dios los bendiga queridos amigos, gracias hasta una nueva oportunidad mi mensaje para el dia de hoy es que cuidemos nuestro ambiente, ya que somos una unidad integral naturaleza hombre, las abejas tienen un papel importante en nuestro planeta son los mejores y más eficientes polinizadores responsables de la reproducción y perpetuación de miles de especies vegetales, produciendo alimentos.

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This is fake news.
Cannabis is wind pollinated. It does not attract bees because it doesn't produce nectar. The pollen spreads by the wind, not bees.
Honey, like almost anything, can be infused with cannabinoids. This "canna honey" has nothing to do with bees.
This nonsense story has been going around for a few years now, perpetuated by people who don't know anything about biology.

hello good morning, @drutter my post does not seek to deceive anyone I am an honest person, in what I publish what I try to explain through this is the way in which each day evolves scientifically and through various studies in obtaining various medicinal items made with cannabis including honey if it is true marijuana is polonized through the wind But what my Post tries to explain is obtaining a cannabis-based honey, with marijuana resin there are people like Nicolas Trainerbees who They do not have major doctorates in biology or perhaps they have not had any study of this subject, but they have cultivated a genuine love of nature throughout their lives, which has created a vision of how this world works,

this man Nicolas has been researching for years on how to combine the properties of the plant and insects his result is the 'cannahoney', this honey is obtained through the resin of Marijuana the bees are trained for this process

For some time he has been working with bees that produce 'cannahoney', as he has decided to call his peculiar cannabis honey. However, modestly, he says he has not created honey, "but a training technique with which the bees collect the resin and use it in the hive." Then the final substance is only a product of the work of these small insects.

In conclusion, your comment is very important to clarify to everyone it is not pollination, it is a honey obtained from a marijuana resin base and special training to bees. God bless you, thank you for your interesting comment.

Your response made almost no sense to me, much like the post itself.
Cannahoney is common. I've been using it for years and I have some in my cupboard right now. It's created by mixing honey with cannabinoids.
The bee thing is a ruse. If there was any truth to it, there would be proof, but there has never been and never will.

I don’t know dude. Looks like she is on to something here, or at least she has shared some cool info, also maybe a cool thing to research some more in-depth.

I don’t find it far fetched at all that bees have been trained to do this. One thing I would assume about this honey, it is non psychoactive since bees can’t decarb thca.


Very impressive! I bet that honey is amazing. One thing that o love about the cannabis culture today, is it is more then just THC. Cannabis can be used in so many ways, and getting stone don’t have to be the only option. Thanks for sharing this. Check out what I snapped yesterday.......



hello @ canna-curate, I hope you are great, currently there are many uses that have been given to cannabis, both recreational to cure depression and medicine has been used, alternative, this honey is very good it must be delicious the precursor of this study in a humble beekeeper locksmith of French origin who has devoted himself to the study of insects from a very young age, he is a kind of bee charmer who trains them.
thanks for your interesting comment
I love your photography this beautiful ...

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Great job and your photography is beautiful.

None of those photos are his. They were taken from Google.

Oh, I don't know. Thank you for telling me.

Thank you dear friend for your positive comment.
God bless you.

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