Planting in progress as am getting ready to plant the yam and some other seeds

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Am happy it rain's again and the heap are ready for planting,

i have been waiting for some time now because it has not rain enough for me to plant
all my seeds,planting of yam

needs more rain than other seeds so I have to exercise some patience for a heavy rain to fall in other for me to plant the yam,but this time I have to plant some other seeds like
vegetables,maize,potato etc on that same heaps,and am also set with my napsac to apply my pesticide also so that I will not encounter and pest issues on the farm land and the heap is about 200 to 300 heap which means I will have to be planting about 200 tubers ,and also before the planting of yam,the yam need to be resized and cut into smaller pieces before it is been planted into the heap here is the process after the cutting ,and also here is my heap

IMG_20210417_070747.jpg then after the planting I will have to make some grass bed on the heap so that the sun will not penetrate the yam directly and that will serve as a protective measure to the seed in the heaps,thanks for reading
agriculture is the best I live it so much do have a wonderful weekend


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Thanks boss @mattsanthonyit