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Our bodies are marvelous feats of nature, products of evolution over millions of years. They are to be appreciated and taken care of as we grow into the wrinkled and sagging skin sacks that they'll inevitably become.

Sometimes we cannot see the pitfalls along the way that can make the journey troublesome. It's possible for us to fall into habitual patterns which are detrimental and have serious effects on our long-term health without giving it a second thought.

Thankfully we have brains in our heads and we can seek out information to make necessary changes when caring for our health becomes the number one priority.


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One of the main lifestyle changes I've made in the past month has been surrounding my eating schedule and diet. I've successfully been able to introduce intermittent fasting for the main purpose of detoxification and cellular repair.

The method for intermittent fasting is simple. Don't eat for 14/16 hours, eat within a 10/8 hour window, rinse and repeat. I stick to 12 pm to 8 pm and usually get in three big meals with the only exception to consumption being green tea, vitamins, and supplements in the morning when I wake up.

There are the obvious hunger urges and discomforts you'd expect from not eating in the first few days, but it passes and the body starts to adapt to the new routine. I only get hungry now at the times I usually eat.


There are a bunch of health benefits associated with intermittent fasting so I'll just rattle some off for the sake of beefing up the post. Who am I kidding... If you are interested just visit this website, I can't be arsed to lazily plagiarise someone else's work.

So far I believe the change has been beneficial to my health overall, and in terms of detoxification, it's definitely helped me during the early stages of sobriety. I feel good.

It would be nice to get some blood work done to see if my body is requiring anything specific but it's not vital (I hope lol).

I legitimately think one of my kidneys is acting up so a trip to the doctor is probably needed. That's what a couple of years of heavy alcohol abuse will do. Don't make the changes too late.


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Although I can never get myself to do intermittent fasting, I truly believe that it's a good practice. I did an extreme one in the past, 7 days with only water and it was enough for live i think.
The most crazy thing from it I think was to see how much more energy you have if you are not digesting, and how well the body can sustain itself from the reserves we already have.
I hope you trip to the doc is just to see that there's nothing wrong, and that you can stay strong in your journey of sobriety.
Thank you for posting! Keep on sharing your light!

Wow, that is next level. I've been tempted to do an extended fast for a few days with only water but I've always put it off because I am already quite skinny to begin with.

Thanks for the kind words @fireguardian, I'm sure it'll be alright!

That routine is kind of cool. Maybe I’ll try it out someday but probably not everyday.

I'm not too sure how it works without it being daily so it may be worth looking into. There are different forms of fasting though and they're mostly all good for the body as far as I'm aware.

Oh okay . That means I won’t be doing that anytime soon. lol

Maybe later then. Thanks for the info

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