Learning Never Ends - 5 Things l Want To Keep Learning

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As the world is changing rapidly, we need to learn every day and I'm excited to be among those that are constantly learning. I intend to flow with the tide without missing out on anything - it's the best way to keep up with the trend.

All thanks to experience, the so-called best teacher, l can boast of knowing how it feels to lag behind due to unpreparedness and misinformation. Anyone that is not strong-hearted would face stagnancy at that stage. It's like being stuck in the past while the rest of the world is already advancing to a new age. You know that feeling, right?

Well well well... Learning is a continuous thing and age isn't a constraint to it. That's why l try to learn things that would make it easier for me to enjoy this life and live on my terms.


Things I Want to Keep Learning

1. Time Management: Due to the way we get caught up with a series of activities that need to be given attention, the need to become skilled in time management cannot be overlooked or taken for granted. I've learned this to a great extent and l want to learn more of it because l will be getting involved with a lot of activities in the long run. Getting more done in few minutes is my target and l have a lot to learn about that.

2. Writing: I never knew that writing is something l can get involved with. Maybe it's because of how l grew up but the only time l placed pen on paper was whenever I'm writing an exam or taking notes. I never knew that just anyone can write and get paid for it but the lockdown of 2020 aligned me with the right people and I've been nurturing my writing skill since then.

3. Social Skills: The former me would have never socialized so easily in a largely diversified place like Hive. Not just hive, socializing with people was a tough thing for me. I was always complacent about this because l didn't see the importance of having a network and building a good rapport with people. It took an unexpected turn of event for my eyes to open and I've been improving this part of me.

4. Investing: This is what everyone needs to learn irrespective of how much they earn. I'm someone that is seen as unemployed by Nigerian standard, yet l try to invest any little money that can be spared. I'm not planning to hit it big overnight in this niche, l know that it's not that easy to make money. I'm learning about this and I'm practising it at all times. I think investment whenever l'm planning my finance and l want to be a big player in this niche.

5. Self Defence: I'm not trying to exaggerate, but we live in a time where anyone can be whacked for not doing anything. People get attacked when walked freely on the road. Staying indoors is not a guarantee of safety so, what will you do when an average guy creeps up to you? -Shit your pant? Chicken out? - Damn! That's not me.


My list runs on and I'm planning to live my life to the fullest while learning everything that can be learnt.

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He who stops learning is dead while he still lives. Leaning is a continuous process for life.

That is how is it and I tried to live on daily basis.

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