Who's Outrageous Now?


I have been an observer in this world, for quiet a while now. Observing, how most of the population are content to live their lives, as though they are in a slumber. Playing a small part in this reality. Following the path that has been carved out before them, not daring to make their own. For there is a certain amount of comfort to be had, when you walk the line. When you stay in your rightful place, the place that you have been told you belong to!

I guess perhaps it is easier in a way, but then, that is all just a matter of perception. Because how can, your life ever be yours, if you do not break away and discover who you are! Are you not just living someone else's?

We can be so quick to judge others, just as I am doing right now, making assumptions about their lives, as though I have such great insight!

But who I am to say these things, I am but an observer, who walked away from the life that was chosen for them and foraged her own. My observations, my words, make do with them, as you please.

We all have the opportunity to do the same, to step out, so that we can look inwards!

We have just not been taught to think in such a way, well their are always a few, that were brought up in an environment that was away from the mainstream, where they were given the freedom to explore and to think for themselves. Their lives, in their hands, where they had to come up with their own solutions, their own creations and ideas. There was no one there, to tell them what they should be doing!

'But how outrageous', one would so often hear!


To allow children to have so much freedom, with no one to direct them in life.
But that is the whole point, that is the purpose, to allow children to direct themselves! To trust them and give them the space to find their own strength, to really empower themselves!

Yet, some people genuinely acted fearful, as though this would end in a Lord Of The Flies moment! Oh what little faith, have they!

How brainwashed they have become, to believe that children have no idea how to organize themselves, especially when they have been given the space to problem solve, from the very beginning. As though, we the adults hold all of the answers, that we are the saviors.

No wonder so many people, feel incapable of solving their own issues, simply because they were never allowed to. Of course there is a very good reason for this, a very good reason, why certain people in power want the population dependent on them! And so it has continued to be this way, for many, many years. People living as though in a slumber!

Who's outrageous now?

For we live in a time, where being disconnected, counts as being invested, but in what?
It is not in your individual life, but only a clog in the system that wishes to keep you in line, to ensure you conform. So that you, continue to do as they say and feed into their cycle of fear.

And yet I am the one, who is often called outrageous, simply because I think for myself, because I do not wish to fit into a society that is build on materialistic greed and the destruction of our natural environment.

I am outrageous because I do not put paint on my face, paint that you promote as adding beauty to my skin.

I am outrageous, because I do not shave, because I feel at home in my own natural skin, my own natural body.

I am outrageous, because I sit in front of you, breast feeding my child, as you sit hiding your face behind a newspaper, a newspaper that is shaking in your hands. Shaking with outrage as I sit with my breast exposed, a breast that was made to nourish my young.

I am Outrageous!

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I am one of the people who was very much controlled, and I tried very hard to Be Good and Do As I Was Told and Follow The Rules for years. But it became evident that it was all a lie. None of it ever worked like they said it would. College did not lead to a well-paying, secure job, for just one example, and now I'm in debt for trying that path. I started breaking away from one "rule" after another and people are SHOCKED and upset, even by my doing so but I'm like ...I'm sorry, what did working my ass off following the rules ever do for me? Nada, that's what. I am not interested in running on a hamster wheel unto my death, thanks.

Yeah I understand that for sure, we got to be true to ourselves, thanks @phoenixwren xxxx

I know what it feels when people don't Just want to let you be. Sometimes we're capable of handling ourselves. Sometimes people, maybe family or friends feels we're not okay simply because we can't seem to conform to their definition of normalcy. In reality, this can be really outrageous

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It is not easy to break away from expectations, but it is so liberating xx

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So true! The new normal is actually outrageous and the decent and civilized not whats normed, uniformed and clinically insane as much as pathology should attach to this term. Without definition we live a world where conformity without questioning and exploring the extend of truth has become morbid. Maybe we are approaching a time where the ines who rule us have forgotten what human nature truly is and it will be the ones living with nature and the trees who show them?

Yes how great that would be, I think we just got to get on with our lives and let those who follow the line live theirs. Focus on what we can do together with those who wish to create something new. Thanks @yangyanje, it is always great to read your thoughts xxxx

Dare to be yourself... Always. Rebel yourself anytime and anywhere.

This is life.

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Yes, live your life xxxx

Nice read.

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Thanks @iamchuks xxx

It is very difficult to walk on the tightrope that we call society, those eyes are always watching us at every step to judge each of our actions. It takes too much intelligence and mental strength to get out of the flock of sheep, few have the courage to do it, but there is nothing sadder in life than living in fear of what they will say. The life is short.