Blank 'n Blunt

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Sometimes you just don't feel it.

You know that writing won't heal it.

Your mind goes blank and blunt.


Words will flow, wild and free.

All you need is new energy.

Your mind is blank and blunt.


Go out, enjoy the sun.

Try to have some fun.

Because after a while you realize.

That for everything you pay a prize.


Being busy all the time.

Is not healthy, won't make you shine.

Do the mental stunt.

Be blank and blunt.




Hey there, thanks for liking my little poetry outburst 😄. Sometimes it can be difficult to accept when ones mind is just blank but we need to see that it is ok. Once we empty ourselves there is room for some fresh new thoughts.

Hope you are doing good wherever you are...sending you a big hug back 🤗

This is beautiful and oh so true. In fact, I'm experiencing this almost daily and am blessed to have some amazing nature right outside my doorstep.

Thanks for sharing this with us. I just gave it a little push

Big hug!

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I'm outside. I wasn't expecting it, the lake's on my left and mountain on my right. I went down a different trail today and found a big hole in the same mountain I've been around countless times.

Good time to take a wrong turn


Looks pretty. New path = New understanding.

I was outside, came back, sat down...and before I knew pressed 'Publish'.

You better watch out...a virtual hug coming your way ;)

 9 days ago 

Yes you just got to tune into what your body is telling you and go with it, how much better we would all be if we listened to our own needs. Lovely poem @bulldog-joy
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Hey thanks, appreciate it 😊.

Being active in social media can put a lot of pressure on having to throw out content all the time. But what is it worth if it is not mirroring ourself but just the pressure you feel. We all know the feeling of being blank and blunt and so what...embrace it and unwind.

Damn performance society we live in...the biggest achievement we can make is realizing that not performing is performing.

Beautifully written, and good advice I should heed. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks my friend 😊. Isn't it often that when we feel kinda empty the pressure inside grows and makes us think we have to do sth?

To just be empty once in a while is a sign that we are overloaded with whatever and our body is telling us stop.

But in a western society that is trained on action and performance there is no room for emptiness, we have to create it again and see that a void can be a good thing.

How are you guys doing? Sending you a big hug to Suriname 🤗