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RE: Fungi Friday - Lobster Mushrooms

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Guau what great catch, I never found a lobster mushroom near here, in El Salvador Central America, there are very xtranges.
By the way i love your shoes.
There looks like very comfortable.


Good waterproof hiking shoes. Perfect for mushroom hunting in wet environments. They are Keens. The lobsters tend to grow in northern regions where its a bit more cool.

yes i imagine, we are in a hot and tropical weater maybe do not survive the lobsters.
Jaaaaaa great i have a land rover .waterproof hiking shoes too for visit the mountaint.

Some stores sell dried lobsters but fresh is better. Are there any cold high altitude mountain areas there? You might get lucky and find some up there. Seattle has the best lobsters since chanterelles get parisitised by the lobster fungi there. Then you get a perfect combination of two great tasting mushrooms.