Wednesday walk and Fungi photo-hunter

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Hello friends! This is my first post on this mushroom community. I don’t know enough about mushrooms to eat them, but I really like this kingdom for its diversity. It feels like each mushroom has its own personal life and mood :)

We have rain and terrible wet-wind weather, but this is a good time for mushrooms. We went out for a walk in the rain and find this miracle!

What is this?)

From that moment I started running in the rain to find more mushrooms! It seemed to me that collecting mushroom photos is quite exciting. I thought I could make a card game with mushrooms so that everyone can guess their names :)))

And other brothers:




photo_20201014_150728 2.jpg



Manually curated by blacklux 💡Hurricane Rider 🌪 from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you a lot for the support!

I like getting mushroom photos to as so many varieties.

Yes, I also!)

You found Coprinus comatus ;)

Wow. I don't know. Thanks!

Young mushrooms (Coprinus comatus), very tasty, fried in butter.

Interesting! Tnx for information!