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Its a post with mushrooms again, and noting I can do about that!
I apologize to my subscribers. I really try to divercify my content, but actually I was constantly photographing mushrooms every day throughout the August, so ... a load of pics is awaiting :D

IMG_2114  w.jpg
Image above is the focus stake of 10 shots.

This is a mushroom ephemera. I noticed it early in the morning... and just 15 minutes after it started to melt, and disappeared completely in 2 hours!

IMG_2114  ww.jpg

This is one of the takes (unedited). And I am not convinced that the focus-staked version is superior than this one... quite vice versa, maybe.

location: Russian countryside August 2020 natural lighting
camera/lens: Canon 5D SIgma 150mm raw-conv.
f 5.6 t 1/100 ISO 1000 ---

How can photos of mushrooms get bored?
Especially as beautiful as yours!
I will watch them with great pleasure every day!
P.S. and I thought it was you who bit off the mushroom :-)))

Разве могут надоесть фото грибов?
Тем более такие красивые как у вас!
Я с большим удовольствием буду их смотреть каждый день!
П.С. а я думала что это вы откусили гриб :-)))

а я думала что это вы откусили гриб :-)))

xe xe xe :)))) net, ne ya

You don't have to apologize. I enjoy your posts about different fungi and the oportunity to learn something about them. Just keep doing great job!

:P thks for the kind words!
from this post I think you could find out that hard focus-stacking job gives no benefits to a foto, in comparison with one-shot :)

Already knew that. :)


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