Beautiful Sunday - Amanita muscaria

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Check out these lovely examples of Amanita muscaria I found for #beautifulsunday
Here they are just hatching out of their egg form.
This one is a bit further along in the growth stage.
These two are fully bloomed in their prime condition.
This little forest area had so many growing within a few feet of eachother so I could get all stages of their growth easily.
As they get older the cap flattens out. Usually by this stage worms and slugs are eating their way up the stems.
In their final stage before rotting and falling over the caps turn upward and often create pools for rain. The psychoactive compounds can collect in the rainwater creating a psychedelic brew. These yellow amanitas are not as potent as the red ones, I woould not recommend ingesting these as they can cause strong hallucinations, seizures and distorted perspectives on reality. They are still nice and photogenic though.


never seen them in yellow! :0

This is the yellow midwest version, very few of the red ones grow here. I've only found a red one once up in Michigan.

I see red ones everywhere.. :D quite common in german forests

Europe is the place to find the red ones. Do you have any good boletes there?

no idea, still learning :D

They are super tasty, king boletes is there common name latin is boletus edulis.

we dont have yellow ones here, too.
awesome captures -- !BEER

I just got back from up north with tons and tons of new mushroom finds. Even some bright blue ones...

even some bright blue ones...

!! wow. lets start with this :=)
nice, nice!

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So, overly potent magic mushrooms?

Yeah the kind the viking berserkers used to take before battle. I found these ones up in the upper peninsula near porcupine mountain.

beautiful yellow color mushrooms. we also not have such here.

I have only seen a red one once, but the yellow ones are fairly common here in fall.

Aaahhh Amanita...beautiful thing, when eaten carefully and in small amounts it's amazing

I am too chicken to try these.

Dangerous beauties

A bit weaker than the red ones from what I hear.

Spreads out very nicely in the bright yellow.

They were all over the place up there in Michigan. Perfect growing conditions with high humidity and shaded forests.