Fate of the Chanterelles and a Bolete killer.

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Here's another #mushroommonday post
This is the fate of the perfect chanterelles I found yesterday. They got stir fried with peppers, garlic and onion for topping on Italian beef.
This was a breadless Italian beef meal (gotta watch the gut). I just put the mushrooms and some giardinera over pot roast along with a side salad. The chanterelles worked really well with red meat.
This is the fate of some chanterelles from last week. I pan fried them with peppers and forest nameko mushrooms for use as a topping for cod fillets.
I find chanterelles to go well with fish and poultry. With these lighter meats the mushroom taste can shine a bit more and not be overpowered.
Now for a strange sight. Fungus attacking fungus.
This poor little bolete (possibly bicolor) is completely covered by bolete killer fungi. The latin name of this bolete eating fungi is Hypomyces chrysospermus. It acts similarly as lobster fungi but sadly bolete killer is not edible and the boletes are pretty far gone by the time this fungi covers the whole mushroom.

Happy #mushroommonday :-)

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Looks very appetizing :-)

These perfect ones have a slight sweet rosy taste to them.

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

such a cool post!! my congratulations with tasty Monday Mushroom's :=) glad your Chantarelles worked with red meat -- the pictures are quite saliva-generating :))

let me share some !BEER with you for such a case 8-)

Just this evening I found twice as many and discovered a new species as well. A peppery lactarius, it tastes just like black pepper. The only use for it is as a spice. It is pretty hot almost as potent as cayenne. 20200720_184725.jpg

peppery lactarius, it tastes just like black pepper.

wow, I know this shroom. COOL, it is counted as 'unedible due its taste', and using it as a pepper? original and creative idea.... not sure that i will be able to venture in this affair, hehe. I love pepper very much! using simple black every day, recently sitting at the village, in pretty huge quantaties --- theres not so much opportnities here to make the simple food more delicious. this is my method :P

I just dried a few last night and tasted them this morning. It now tastes like a mix of black pepper and paprika plus mushroom taste. Should work well as a spice for a soup or sprinkled on an omelette.

Wow! These mushrooms look so good in your recipe!! You are a mushroom chef! The ones in the fish recipe look amazing. It’s so good you could harvest your own mushrooms in the forest.

I used to know a friend’s mother who went for walks in the forest with a basket to collect much rooms. The old lady knew all the mushrooms! Never got poisonous mushrooms. My friend got some magic mushrooms and got high in the garden! Those were the good old days of mushroom hunting.


My grandpa used to forage for mushrooms in the forests and knew which ones were deadly and which ones were edible. There were little sayings for each one. I wish I knew what the sayings were but they were all in german and are lost to time now.

Oh! That’s a shame, losing old wisdom about mushrooms. There must be some old records of folklores somewhere! If you were psychic, you could probably hold a seance and ask for the wisdom! Video recording everything!! It could go viral! LoL

It would be a scary thing to see lol.

People will love it! It'll be a hit! The weirder the better.

It might open a portal of demonic mushrooms lol.

Oh! No! The magic mushrooms will take care of them and send them back where they belong!

Great use of the mushrooms, looks delicious

The had a nice sweet taste to them. I found a bunch more yesterday, my dehydrator is on overdrive.

Good for you, I love mushrooms but have never dehydrated them.

I've been filling up a mason jar with them. This winter I'll use them in soup broth.

That's wonderful! How delicious it looks)