Fungi Friday - Dry Fungi

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Here's a few fungi finds this week for #fungifriday by @ewkaw
Surprisingly the gray oysters have come out.
Sadly I found these guys too late to harvest.
These gray oysters typically come out in the fall when its a bit cooler. So far this summer has been cool in Illinois, maybe that's why these decided to grow so early.
I also found a batch of turkeytail that looks pretty old. It seems to have green algae growing on it. What interested me most is the nice round formation it was growing in. I usually see these growing individually across the whole surface of dead wood rather than in perfect bunches like this.
Finally we have this black crusty fungi growing on a twig. I wish I could remember the name of this fungi but it has a strange latin name womp... Sadly this fungi has no real medicinal or edible use. Maybe as it is dry and crumbly it could be used as a way to start a campfire.

That's it for this #fungifriday :-) happy hunting.

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That last one is particularity cool looking. Looks like something got burned to a crisp there.
Happy Fungifriday :)

If only I could remember the name of it, I found it on one of the many links on this site

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Thanks :-)

I have picked your post for my daily hive voting initiative, Keep it up and Hive On!!

Thanks :-)

happy Fungi Friday, my friend!

lovely oysters, and really intrigue witches' circle of t.tails. good hunting.

i've finally made it to the country, and shared my fresh finds of summer-2020. the season is open!


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Beautiful photos dear.

Hopefully this weekend there will be fresh 9nes growing that I can harvest.