Fungi Friday - Lobster Mushrooms

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Here are some delicious lobster mushrooms for this #fungifriday by @ewkaw
Look at this big beautiful orange warped mushroom.
Something like this neon and deformed looking couldn't possibly be edible right?
It also smells like a lobster or a shrimp. A bit fishy.
The color can range from light yellow to deep orange and even red.
Lobster mushrooms are a combination of a brittlegill mushroom, usually white russula and a parasitic fungi (the orange part). The orange parasitic fungi warps the russula into odd shapes and makes them into a firmer texture. The orange fungi also gives the bland russula a nice seafood taste hence the name lobster mushroom.
This is what a typical white russula looks like. They have almost no taste and they fall apart when cooking them.
I found a ton of lobsters up in the northwoods a couple weeks ago. They tend to grow in old growth forests late August after alot of rain.
Cleaning lobster mushrooms is a bit tedious as their deformed shape tends to pull up alot of dirt. You have to take a brush and dust off all the dirt in the nooks and crannies. Then give the a realky quick rinse. Beware washing them too much as this will make the russula portion too soggy.
Here is a closeup showing the white russula inside surrounded by the parasitic lobster fungi.
I stir fried these with some onions for use in quiche.
The quiche ended up tasting really good. The mild lobster taste added a good flavor to the egg.

Happy #fungifriday :-)


Wonderfully delicious :)

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Thanks, I had no idea there would be lobsters on my camping trip. Gotta go up there every year now.

Guau what great catch, I never found a lobster mushroom near here, in El Salvador Central America, there are very xtranges.
By the way i love your shoes.
There looks like very comfortable.

Good waterproof hiking shoes. Perfect for mushroom hunting in wet environments. They are Keens. The lobsters tend to grow in northern regions where its a bit more cool.

yes i imagine, we are in a hot and tropical weater maybe do not survive the lobsters.
Jaaaaaa great i have a land rover .waterproof hiking shoes too for visit the mountaint.

Some stores sell dried lobsters but fresh is better. Are there any cold high altitude mountain areas there? You might get lucky and find some up there. Seattle has the best lobsters since chanterelles get parisitised by the lobster fungi there. Then you get a perfect combination of two great tasting mushrooms.

I bet those would go good with some lobsters. Or maybe I just want some lobster and anything would go good with them. Those are some awesome finds and pictures. Happy Fungi Friday! 😁😁

Yeah that is the way gourmet chefs use them. Typically with a fish or lobster or shrimp to pair with their slight lobster taste. If you go up north to Oregon you might find lobsters parisitising chanterelles, this is the most tasty form of lobster mushroom.

Your quiche looks delicious, but I would probably eat them jus stir fried with onions. Have a great #fungifriday

Yeah I ate a few on their own just to taste them by themselves. I ended up putting a few on a pizza later too.

Fascinating! They sound delicious! But finicky to work with...

Yeah it took quite a while to clean off the crumbles of dirt in the nooks and crannies. Also there's a bit of surgery to remove darker spots in the white portion of the mushroom. Overall it's worth it since these only come around once a year or so.