Fungi Friday - More Mushies

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Here's a few new fungi finds for this #fungifriday by @ewkaw
First off we have a pholiota mushroom.
I am not sure of the exact name of this pholiota.
I picked a couple to look at their features. Notice how the younger one still has skin covering the gills. As it grows the skin peels away to reveal the gills.
Here is the full grown example. The gills are symmetrical and the same color as the rest of the mushroom. The closest thing these resemble are golden scaleycaps. Perhaps with a bit more time they will develop scales... but I suspect these are some different species of obscur pholiota.
Now for a bunch of unidentified little shrooms.
There is one particular stump in the forest that always has these growing on it. They keep growing until fall.
The size of the caps are only 1/4 inch in diameter at most. Many are only 1/8 in diameter.
Here is a nice photogenic tiny inkcap of some kind. Note the weird red bug on the gills.
I found more dog vomit slime mold as well.
This is what it looked like the next day.
Here are the chanterelles I dehydrated from last weekend. They shrunk quite a bit.
Here is what they looked like before dehydration.
Now they are about 1/8th their original mass. My goal is to find more to dehydrate and fill up this mason jar for winter soups.

Happy #fungifriday :-)

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I dry (dehydrate) usually porcini mushrooms, and chanterelles for Winter - I grind dry into a powder

Cool how do you use the powder? As a broth?

Add to soups. It turns out with a taste of mushrooms and useful vitamins

Cool I'll give it a try along with my powdered puffball mushrooms from last year. IMG_20180606_083828_559.jpg

Winter mushroom soup... ohh yummy!

Happy Fungifriday :)

Hopefully not too many dehydrated worms are in there lol.

Extra protein :D

And possibly the cure for cancer too j/k

Mushroom have a whole lot of nutritional values. I mostly consume the hydrated.
Beautiful shots

Each has its unique taste and nutrition. Many also fight cancer.

Nice post. I'm not familiar with the pholiota family. Any edibles?

Thanks for more dog vomit shots. That's becoming your signature slime, don't you think?lol.

There are a few edible pholiotas as well as some toxic ones. They tend to all be wood growing gilled mushrooms with the skin under the gills. Scaley goldencaps are edible, but these guys I found have no scales so I need to do more research.

They're looking gorgeous!
Are all of them edibles? I suppose they are it's just that dog vomit slime mold looks incredible 😅

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Just the chanterelles are edible possibly the pholiota too but i'm not 100% sure. An interesting thing about the dog vomit slime mold is that it kills certain types of cancer.