Fungi Friday - My Reishi Are Growing

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Looks like my reishi are finally growing just in time for #fungifriday by @ewkaw
They are in antler mode right now after sitting sealed in a humidity bag for two weeks.
Once they get to antler stage you have to give them air so they can start fanning out.
This is what it looked like after one week.
This was the kit after about three days. Reishi take a while to grow at least a month before they start turning red.
Eventually they will look like this in about a couple weeks.
Then in another month they should look like this.
I found these wild ones growing near a river. I hope my kit ends up producing beauties like this. I just need to make sure they get enough air and humidity as well as a bit of indirect sunlight. If all goes well I should be drinking reishi tea by winter.

Happy #fungifriday


Awesome...!!! Looking absolutely fantastic.
Most wonderful, fascinating and amazing it must be to watch them develop daily.

These are the slowest growing ones I've tried. I hope I don't accidentally ruin them somehow...

I'm thinking only positive thoughts that you will have great success with your Reishi fungi..!!!
Keep us all posted as they mature.
Happy Fungi Friday..:D

I want a good 2 ft diameter one for a wall shelf lol.

That would be so totally cool..!!
That would look perfect in my rustic cabin.
I seriously want a 2 foot one now...!!!!
Do they seriously grow that huge..? or are you teasing my imagination...?

Look at this one

That's a massive Reishi...!!
I didn't really give thought that cultivated ones growing in perfect conditions could get very huge.
It sure is beautiful...!!

They have great timing! :)

Hope there's good progress for next friday.

This mushroom is very beautiful and enchanting

We'll see how pretty my domesticated ones are compared to the wild red ones I found. I'm hoping to grow a really big one to use as wall art then use the restfor tea.

I see those beauties all over my neighbourhood and Stanley Park. Good to now they can make a tea.

Lucky, they are a good medicinal. I bet there is a river nearby with lots of humidity. They are somewhat rare down here I've only found them twice in the wild.

Oh my god. Alien moss. Really weird. And the third photo from the bottom, extra weird. That must be what ectoplasm looks like.

The forest spirits were there performing an exorcism.

Lol! It's a good thing you were there to capture it with your camera. :)

I like it a lot, a nice and bizarre looking ones. my 1st thought was, it must be sort of a coral mushroom...

Lets hope mine turn as nice looking as the wild ones I found up in Michigan. Hopefully the indoor life doesn't mute their color somehow...

oh, Happy #FungiFriday! missed my FL post totally today. sadly. :/