Fungi Friday - Oysters and Dog Vomit

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Here's a few of this week's finds for #fungifriday by @ewkaw
I finally found some oysters in a spruce area of the forest.
There was only one dead spruce with them all growing on it.
I also found some really colorful turkeytail. There seems to ba a different color I find each year.
The hot humidity has brought out this gross slime mold.
This is dog vomit slime mold... named after well... how dog vomit looks.
Here it is spreading off the side of the tree onto the ground.
The next day was hot and sunny. This is what the dog vomit slime mold looked like after being roasted in the sun.
Now for an unidentified fungal organism.
The dark spot on top and flat cap should help narrow things down when I go looking for the ID.
Gills are brown and symmetrical and the stem is hollow. We'll see if there is a latin name for this guy.
Finally I found more of these tiny oysters. I forget their actual name but they are technically tiny oysters. Too small to consider harvesting for a meal. They seemed to be all over the forest that day.

That's it for #fungifriday happy hunting :-)

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Wow! You're very lucky. Thanks for sharing with us :)

!discovery 30

Maybe this weekend I cand find even more.

I hope so! :)

Hopefully chantrelles will finally be out.

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Lots of goodies again :)
The first ones are so cute... got me some drawing idea...🤔

Happy Fungifriday!

They seemed to a different shape on the spruce trees compared to other trees...

Beautiful photos! Amazing shapes and colours!

Thanks they always amaze me with new varieties.

Dog vomit is aptly names, what a massive growth.

Turkey tails look similar to some fungi we see around except the colour is more rings of brown and cream.

Oyster mushrooms are super tasty, can only imagine had they been big enough for the pan.. Nice day out and about hunting down mushrooms.

The turkeytail shows up in all sorts of colors probably why its name is trametes versicolor.

lots of goodies, indeed. such an awesome appetite dogs vomit! 8-) hope to find it soon and make a soupee make a great pics of it too. but I see, it needs a perfect timing... heh. lucky you, again!

happy Fungi Friday, my friend!

Oomph that would be an awful soup lol.

maybe it would be a very useful soup? full of vitamins and macro-elements?.. :))) no i dont advise you to try. side-=effects are very possible! even the pshychosomatic ones :))))))

The main side effect would be thinking of dog vomit then vomiting out the soup lol. I just looked up toxicity and it says that it actually kills a certain type of cancer cell and certain harmful bacteria so maybe it can be used as a medicine somehow.

That dog vomit slime badly outdid my ugly mushroom! Especially after it's been roasted in the sun! But excellent photos. Never can have too many dog vomit slime pics:)

Did you bring home any of the oysters or were they too small?

The oysters were too small, plus I wasn't sure if they might have picked up some toxins from the spruce. I remember reading somewhere that mushrooms on evergreens pick up a toxin that causes stomache aches. But maybe its only with certain mushroom species like chicken of the woods... so i left them be.

You do have some great looking fungi. I'm so jealous! 😊

The forests around here are full of all sorts of fungi. I seem to find nee species each year.

I'd love that!