Fungi Friday - Reishi Update

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Here is my reishi kit for this #fungifriday by @ewkaw
They are starting to turn dark red now.
So far they haven't grown any nice conch shapes.
The bases are still a bit velvety but eventually they will turn into a smooth plastic looking texture.
Here's the mickey mouse formation. Perhaps it will split into devil horns eventually.
The white tips are still growing.
Perhaps the indoor grow kit will only form antler shapes and not fan out at all. Maybe by January or February I will be able to harvest them for tea.
Here is what they looked like when I first saw them growing.

Happy #fungifriday


a nice update, Sir! you alien invaders castles are doing well, as I see it :P


They may end up footlong reishi.

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They look so cool! Like sculptures... especially on the first shot.

There is a place in arizona with rock formations that look like them.

Giant mushrooms!!! :o
Very cool :)

When mushrooms ruled the earth.

Weird alien plants ^^
You're using them for tea, so are they edible as well?

They taste like sawdust lol but they are a proven medicinal. You can powder them or soak them in alcohol as a tincture.

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Thanks :-)

What a change since the beginning of growth ... Right in a fungi forest from some planet... 😉
So beautiful @sketch.and.jam 🤗
Happy Fungi day 🍄

I put outside every now and then and it turns more red each time.

I read about reishi as a medicinal plant. And I saw the photo ... But how it grows is really amazing 😊

Seems mine are going to stay in an antler type of shape.

You'll see, maybe it'll change shape.😊

This mushroom has a very color and looks very attractive and I really like it.

It will become powder for my tea eventually.

It is amazing how artistic looking fungi look @sketch.and.jam

These ones are the ugly ducklings compared to many of the other varieties out there.

That's one bizarre looking shroom!
I didn't realize that reishi started out looking like that...

I think most of the indoor grown ones end up looking like antlers. The outdoor air tends to make them a more normal shape.

Seriously are these mushrooms it looks like photos from inside a cave filled with stalagmites pretty cool 🤣

Yeah they do resemble stalagmites, i should turn them sideways to help them grow mor normal looking.