Fungi Friday - Righteous Red Waxy Cap

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Here are some bright red mushrooms for this #fungifriday by @ewkaw
Look at these bright red beauties.
This is what their gills look like.
These little red mushrooms are officially called Hygrocybe coccinea.
They start out really tiny.
Most of the time I find these growing in moss or under leaves in dark soil.
Here is a tiny grouping of them that were growing under leaves in dark soil.
This is a different grouping that are at perfect size for harvesting.
These mushrooms are actually edible. The only problem is they are bland. Most chefs use them as a decorative garnish.
Sadly they discolor a bit when cooking so you have to flash boil them to keep their color.
As they get older the cap turns upward and you can see the gills.
Some of the common names for this mushroom include scarlet hood, scarlet waxcap and the righteous red waxycap. There were tons of these growing in Wisconsin in the northwoods under old growth forest. Too bad they are bland and waxy for texture. They are better as just decorative garnishes.


Very interesting how beautiful there is in that nature

The colors of mushrooms are so vast.

Wow, pretty red mushrooms photography.

Thanks :-)

It really is very pretty, the red color makes it very visually striking.

They show up well on the dark forest floor.

It wouldn't even occur to me to eat them! Where did you get all of your mushroom knowledge?

I used to read books, then I joined a foraging group for a while, now I just go online to various forums. Basically learn the super deadly ones like deadly galerina and deathcaps. Once those are identified you can start learning all the easily identifiable edible ones.


Beautiful and interesting looking mushrooms, I have never seen them in those colors!!

There are also orange and brown versions of these waxycaps. Each year I seem to find a new color of mushroom I've never seen before. Like these blue elf cupsPSX_20200828_093031.jpg