Mushroom Monday - Bright Orange Mushrooms

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Here's a nice bright orange mushroom with some others for #mushroommonday by @balticbadger
These little guys were standing out like a bright light in the dark forest floor.
Fortunately I had my macro lens with me to get some higher res shots of these guys.
The latin name is Mycena leaiana aka Orange Mycena.
This mushroom sadly is not edible and has a gooey sort of sticky blood if you cut the gills. You can find it all over North America growing in shady forests with plenty of dead wood laying around.
Here's a gooey looking jelly fungi. This one is called Ductifera pululahuana or Exidia Alba and the common name is white jelly roll. This mushroom is not poisonous and technically you could eat it but the texture is such that it kind of melts and breaks apart too much to do anything interesting with it while cooking. You are better off cooking wood ear. Also these things tend to be covered in all sorts of bugs and slugs.
It was late evening when I took these photos so I had to hit it with the flash. The oysters were growing all up the side of the tree. Most of them were out of reach of picking.
Here is a little Artist's conk aka Ganoderma applanatum. These have a nice smooth white underbelly that can be used to scratch drawings into. They also work well for woodburning various designs.
Now for an unidentified polypore. At first glance I thought this might be false turkeytail but the texture was pretty thick and smooth. The pattern is also pretty uncommon. I'll have to do alot more digging to find out what this one is exactly...

Happy #mushroommonday :-)

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Great Mushrooms...i love them all...Are they poisonous? If they are,can you send me some? i want to make a dinner with them for my wife :)

Have a nice day my friend...

Sadly they aren't edible, they have goo inside and can cause upset stomach.

Damn it...i am so unlucky...i need to find an another way... Thank you.. :)

Fantastic photos 👍

Thanks always nice to find photogenic shrooms. I found no edible ones so I had to get boring store bought ones.

Those are some Vibrant shots!
Just Love Them!
Have An Awesome Monday!

I wish they were edible, I found alot of them. They have a weird slime in them if you cut the gills and possibly subtle toxins that can cause upset stomach.

Probably, so I would say
no as well!
Messed up guts (or worse) is not worth it!

Fortunately chicken of the woods is a nice orange color like this and edible too IMG_20160905_143803.jpg

Absolutely Gorgeous!
Real nice & Real nice shot!
I'm glad You got that one,
Nothing like that growing here,
or even close...

Yeah too dry and hot down there. Better luck finding edible cacti.

So lively that it stopped me and read your entire blog.

Thanks :-) lots of mushrooms and critters here.

fantastic photos, thanks for sharing

Hopefully I can find the orange ones that glow this fall.