Mushroom Monday - Chantrelles!

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This weekend I found chantrelles for #mushroommonday by @balticbadger
They were everywhere in the dark soil.
The trick to finding them is to look for dark soil areas under hardwood forests like maple or oak.
These chantrelles tend to grow in the heat of summer after heavy rains.
Once a heavy summer rain hits I wait at least a day before going out to look for them. This gives them a bit of time to grow.
Also you don't want to wait too long, the bugs really love chantrelles and start hollowing them out asap.
Dark open soil is key for them to grow. Here you can see tiny little pinning taking place. If too many weeds are growing they get choked out of space.
I was able to find a good hatload. There were plenty of them out in the forest but I left the rest to spread more spores for next year.
Chantrelles tend to pick up alot of dirt when growing so you have to wash them a few times.
I also soak them in salt water to clean them even more. For this batch I am going to test out my dehydrator. Chantrelles are fairly easy to dry and store for later so long as they remain bone dry. If any moisture is left other fuzzy molds may grow on them.

Happy #mushroommonday

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they look very wonderful and delicious. What to say except Good Luck :-)

Hopefully the dehydration process works on them.

Thanks for the salt water tip!
Great Shots BTW!
Wish You a Great Start of the Week!!!

I read somewhere that salt water kills some bacteria that might grow on the mushrooms. Cooking kills the rest.

I never thought of it...
Living in the beach, I really don't
think about salt water much, in any manner.
And no, I wouldn't cook with it!
He he he!

Hah yeah you can just go to the beach and soak the mushrooms for a bit then bring them in for cooking. What a life :-)

I guess right?
No different than the Fish &
Shrimp that live here already!
Didn't think of it that way,
But I also have lot's of sea salt here, a few kinds - and some Pink Himalayan salt as well!
Between You and Me...
I see Myself "finally" returning to normalacy somewhere in the next years (1-3)...
Been on the beach too long,
But it was glamorous after being in Germany for 21 years...
He he he!
Have A Great Day!

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Thanks @blacklux :-)

Really nice substitute for meat although meats are incomparable here. I do enjoy them when they are used to cook soup.

I like to make a gravy out of them then put it on tilapia fish.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thanks @hafizullah :-)

F I N A L L Y !!

Been waiting for them all summer. I hope a few more batches grow over this month.

hurrah! finally arrived :)

the bugs really love chantrelles

hmm?? i dont think so! quite vice versa..

we have strong rains every day, the grass grows like crazy here, but no sun - no warm - heh... no massive shrooms boost. just a few tiny here-and-theres...

The grass seems to choke out the mushrooms from growing. My old chantrelle spot is overgrown with all sorts of weeds and not one could be found. Fortunately the backup spot has some open soil and they are everywhere there.

Wow nice! But you're dehydrating the first find? I can't wait to taste them again:P

Do the fancy cinnebar chantrelles taste any different that normal ones?

They don't really have much taste. When their sauteed I'd say they're like eating a bite of scrambled eggs.

Nice pictures and seems like a good bunch of chanterelles ;)

I got to them before the worms hollowed them out. Hopefully a new batch will be out by this weekend.