Mushroom Monday - Pholiota squarrosa

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Here are a few Pholiota squarrosa for #mushroommonday
Look at these spiky beauties.
This batch is still too young to show their gills. Eventually the skin underneath will peel away allowing the spores to escape the gills.
I usually find these in fall on deadwood.
Their caps will eventually grow up to a 5 inch diameter. So far they are all still just sprouting.
Here is another pholiota looking mushroom. I think this one may be related to pholiota but notice the flat scales vs the pointy scales.
Back to Pholiota squarrosa. These are listed as both edible and inedible. A compound in them can cause gastrointestinal upset.
But for the longest time these have been listed as edible. I suspect it all depends on how much you consume at one time. Perhaps this year I'll try a taste test to see if its worth the risk of a stomach ache.
This is the wild area where I found them. Happy #mushroommonday and happy hunting :-)


I've never seen one like this in our country

на самом деле, он очень распространен. я встречаю его в городской черте как минимум в третий раз (СПб), в моем последнем посте - грибы сентября - есть фото, в самом конце поста. найдено не в парке, а прямо таки на обочине поребрика и асфальта, на Московском проспекте. еще находил на дереве в Парке победы.

зрелищный гриб. желаю вам его встретить и насладиться зрелищем. кстати, съедобный, хотя и не очень вкусный. и т.к. растет на древесине, а не на земле, можно теоретически даже в городе собирать и готовить, без особенных последствий от плохой экологии...

Самое удивительное, что я сегодня нашёл семейку этих грибов у самого своего дома! В Сосновой Поляне

вот-вот. мысли материализуются в материальный мир! иначе и не скажешь :)

Да, так оно и есть


The key is to look for really dead fallen over trees or stumps after a rain near the late summer early fall season.

I haven't seen these mushrooms in the forest. And in the city, just today I got a family at my house

They seem to have went searching for you instead.

Nice pics😀

Thanks :-) hope I can find some more to do a taste test.

Amazing photography!

Thanks :-)

The Pholiota squarrosa is a beautiful mushroom.
Fantastic photos..!
I haven't come across them yet.
I totally like the spiky thing they have going on...😊
Are they usually seen growing close together in multiples ?

Yeah I've always seen them packed together growing out of dead wood. They get a kind of orangy reddish hue once they get older too. The caps start resembling seasame seed hamburger buns towards the end.

I can clearly envision the caps looking like Hamburger seasame!
Fantastic description and word picture.


Here's more of a hamburger bun sized one.

Oh... WOW ..!!!
Fantastic photo capture !
Definitely looks hamburger bun sized and then some.
Now, I so want a hamburger on a sesame bun with mushrooms.
I can really see the cool spikes in this picture.

In theory these are edible but they are said to be bitter and potentially cause a stomach ache so the burger and toppings would really need to make up for the bun lol.

I took note in your post you mentioned these mushrooms could potentially cause stomach upset..!!
The conversation made me really hungry for a burger on a sesame bun with mushrooms and!!
It's a craving thing I now have.
Thank You...😅

yes, they always pop up in prides / families.

I met them 3 times at my place, in the city (2 times in the local park, and once just at the asphalt street!)

I hope to find/see them myself someday..!!! @qwerrie
That's amazing you saw them on an asphalt street...!! Wow.
I've seen Dandelions and other flowers growing up through the cracks in the asphalt.
Amazing Nature 🤗

well, not exactly on the asphalt, they grow on a deadwood, which was buried there somewhere, it was 2 sidesteps from asphalt road, still, very impressive sight for an urban habitat! #amazingnature, indeed.

It wouldn't surprise me at all to see a mushroom emerge from a crack/crevice in the asphalt. There could be organic matter under it.
Thank you so very much for the BEER 🍻 !
Cheers 🤗🍻

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Thank You for the BEER !!!!

Very Cool! I just found a bunch of Chicken of the Woods growing on some of the dead oaks behind my house. I haven't harvested them yet but plan on it soon. Thanks for sharing these!

My favorite thing to do is make buffalo wings out of them just cut them into strips, bread and fry them. Then freeze them and roll them around in your favorite sauce after reheating them in the offseason.

I was wondering about freezing them. Didn't know how well they would do after thawing out. I'm going to give it a shot. I have dried mushrooms in the past with great results. I'll try to get a post out about them when I harvest.

They work fine frozen once you've breaded and cooked them. Cooking is the key with polypores like chicken of the woods. Sadly they will get too tough to eat if you try and dry them.

Good deal. Thanks for the heads up!

Awesome, I still haven't found chicken this year... you better get it soon before it dries out too much.