Mushroom Monday - Puffball Kingdom

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Here are a few different species of puffball mushrooms for #mushroommonday by @balticbadger
Here are some Lycoperdon pyriforme aka wolf fart puffballs.
They were completely infesting this dead tree.
These are one of my favorite edible puffball mushrooms. Even the slugs like them.
They tend to show up from late August all the way to the end of October.
Now for a bloated version of the wolf fart mushrooms. These guys need to go on a diet lol.
Perhaps these are a subspecies of the wolf fart puffball. I've never seen them this deformed looking.
Now for a different puffball. These are gem studded puffballs aka Lycoperdon perlatum. These are edible as well. I soak them in salt water then peel off their skin as the outer gem studded portion is a bit tough to eat.
Here is another species of puffball
Lycoperdon echinatum aka spiny puffball. It is listed as edible and inedible mainly because you have to harvest it when it is white like this, if it turns brown it is not good for eating. I tried eating one of these once and it was way too foamy and had no distinctive taste like the puffballs above. So I would avoid eating these, not worth the time or texture.
Here is a distinctively different puffball Scleroderma citrinum.
The common name of this one is poison pigskin puffball.
As the common name implies this puffball is poisonous. They are easy to identify by their rough outer skin. You can also give them a pinch and their insides are blackish blue. The poison causes gastrointestinal problems if eaten and spores cause sinus problems and even pinkeye.


I don't usually wear Puffball . But if there are no other mushrooms, then white strong balls are quite suitable for soup or frying. I have nothing against Puffball

I like their flavor especially the giant ones. This one is larger than my girlfriend's head lolIMG_20171030_184343_930.jpg

Huge! Is that heavy or mostly air like a sponge? How many meals can you make from one giant puffball?

It is pretty light, it has a foamy texture. I made a few meals out of that one. You can cut a section of them then toast it and make a pizza bread out of it. I also layer them into lasagne. They can be dehydrated into a powder and added to breadflower for a hint of their smoky taste.

So many ways to cook it, it seems. :) Good to know if I ever happen to encounter one.

Wow! We don't have such big ones. The biggest ones I've ever seen are no bigger than a table tennis ball. Then they stop being edible - they become darker, they have spores and they explode when pressed

The latin name of this one is Calvatia gigantea. There may be a variant of these where you are. Just look in shaded forests with dark wet soil during the fall months after a rain. These have a foamy texture with a smoky taste that goes well with tomato sauce. I always make lasgne out of it and layer it inbetween noodles and sauce. They can also be powdered and added to soup to thicken it up a bit.

I have just such a wet forest. Yes, I found it on Wikipedia

Puffball Kingdom sounds like a good band name. Or a children's book tittle. The second last photo is just so weird. :) In a good way! There's the puffball eyes and the moss nose.

Then the pic below forms the open mouth lol.

:D That's true!

Puffball is so amazed. It tries to smile but this is the only face it can make.

Good photo

Thanks :-)