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Mushroom Wednesday September 2020

The discovery of a very beautiful mushroom in the rural settlement where I live. This fungus thrives during the rainy season, in the long dry season these mushrooms die due to lack of water absorption. This white mushroom is commonly referred to as Shiitake mushroom.

Many of us find mushrooms in small forests or large forests, these plants grow on fallen trees due to strong winds and trees that are deliberately cut down by humans, the mushroom season is when the rainy season arrives they thrive without human care, when the rain comes various types of mushrooms grow. There are also mushrooms that can be consumed by humans. Mushrooms have several types and various colors.

This white fungus has a very soft outer skin like rubber and is different from other fungi. This type of mushroom can be consumed by humans with a tasty, slightly chewy taste.

Orange Rot Fungus

This orange mushroom cannot be consumed by humans. This fungus has a tough outer skin and flesh filling like a cork, this orange mushroom is the same growth process as any other fungus. They are plants of the same type but differ in shape and color.

Mushrooms are a food ingredient for vegans and vegetarians. As a source of vegetable protein, the taste and texture of mushrooms are no less delicious than animal meat. Mushrooms are also easy to process into various dishes and specialties. Watch out for mushrooms in forests, grasslands, or swampy areas. Even though it looks soft and delicious, don't eat it. Poisonous mushrooms that can be fatal if consumed.

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All these photos mine are taken by smartphone camera.

  • Auto ISO camera resolution
  • Category : macro photography
  • Edits : Snapseed
  • Owner : @tinta-tertuang
  • Location : Indonesian aceh forest
  • Image catcher : smartphone
    Thank you for viewing my content..!!!

hey there! you've got a good image catcher! (I mean not the smartphone, but the eyes and head with all inside of it ))
Indonesian forests are full of amazing looking mushrooms (not necessarily edible and useful for vegans). so, thanks a lot for these captures and sharing them with us. I nominated your post for @OCD curation. and warmly welcome to FL community!

Yes, those inedible mushrooms, orange mushrooms. Mushrooms that are flavored with cork may contain poison. Thanks for the compliment I continue to do a good job, because taking pictures is my hobby ... thank you I appreciate your assessment.

images / photography is my hobby, as well. I am not PRO. mushrooms are great objects for taking pics, cause they look great! they have such alienated, bizarre shapes, and amazing biodivercity. there are almost no mushrooms that look the same ;-)

Incredible, I always make posts about photography because aiming for unique objects is my favorite job. every day when I come home from work I always take the time to look for beautiful pictures of the village I live in. ;)

I loke street photo very much!

btw. there is a great weekly fun challenge for it, #wednesdaywalk. are you in the know of it?

I know, but I don't like to take challenges. the reason I prefer to be myself, the goal is that people can see my work from me. 😎

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ps. the more I look the Shiitake mushroom, the more vivid name is floating in my mind for this: a real 'earth flower' !

Yes, that is what I mean, in this free forest there are still many extraordinary plants and so on. I am constantly on the hunt for better natural images. :)

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