How to Buy LOTUS on LEODEX - A Visual Guide for Newbies to Token Buying!

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We have a super big apology to make.

The last couple of challenges, we've asked you to submit a small entry fee of LOTUS by buying it off Hive Engine or Leo Finance. It's like a raffle ticket - you submit a small amount plus your writing, and you could win 100 HIVE. This means you energise the LOTUS marketplace and be part of the biggest wellness community on HIVE.

We have realised that whilst WE know it's easy, for some, it's a little intimidating.

We're so sorry!

This post is to walk you through a SUPER EASY way to buy LOTUS. We decided to show you how to use it via LeoFinance as LOTUS was one of the first tokens to be listed on their marketplace and it's actually SUPER user friendly! We even decided to post this from LeoFinance as a show of support.

We're asking you buy a little - only 20 HP per entry! - rather than use your own stock of LOTUS because this is the best way to support the community and the token. It's a small price to pay for the chance of winning lots of HIVE!

Here goes. Ready?

Step One

Log on to LeoFinance. Keep in mind this is exactly like logging in to, or - you use your HIVE keys, and keychain, or HIVESIGNER, if you prefer that.

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Step Two

Look for LEODEX in the menu where it says LEO Apps on the top right. In fact, you may notice that you can log in straight to LEODEX - that's what I do. I just showed you this way so you get a little feel for LeoFinance, if you haven't been there before.


Step 3

Click MARKET, find LOTUS, and look for the section at the bottom - BUY LOTUS.

Also, check what the bid price is, circled in yellow. You'll need that for Step 4.


Step 4

Now, simply fill in the asking price (at the time of writing, it was .004 - see the yellow circle?

Go ahead and put 20 quantity, and the hive price will show up. At the time of writing, 20 x .004 = .080 HIVE.

At this point, you'll know if you haven't put your active key in keychain, as it won't be approved otherwise!

And you're done!

But wait!

Oops. What if you don't have enough balance?

That's super easy too! Look up at the top left corner and find 'deposit'. You'll get a box where you put in the amount of HIVE you need. Click DEPOSIT HIVE, and you are good to go!


We hope this helps you feel AWESOME that you've figured out something pretty essential to HIVE - buying tokens! I bet you can now figure out how to SELL some too - am I right? Let us know below how you got on, tagging @riverflows so she's sure not to miss it.


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Earn LOTUS and HIVE rewards for sharing your natural health content on If you don't already have a HIVE account, you can sign up for FREE here. We support writers sharing about herbalism, TCM, yoga, meditation, vegan and other healthy diets, as well as earth centred practices such as foraging, permaculture and biodynamics - read more about us on our Welcome Page!


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Thanks for posting this! I love synchronicity and the timing of things; I was actually just logged into LeoFinance for the first time ever, responding to a post about Witness votes!

I'll definitely bookmark this and use it next time I have some liquid Hive; part of my intention for 2021 is to grow my LOTUS stake!

Bright Blessings!

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how wonderful! It's a great site - I love posting from NMIO or Leo Finance depending on what I'm writing about!


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I really appreciate this and I will get on it as soon as I can. It is quite detailed so I should be able to do it.

Thank you so much!

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I managed to get as far as step 4 filling in the price and everything buy when I hit "buy" nothing happens. I feel like the stupidest person on earth.

I also don't know what the private keys are or where I should put them. Are they the same ones from steem? Sorry for the absolute dumb brain of mine.

If I sent lotus to Natural Medicine would that work?

 5 months ago 

@carolynstahl please, please don't feel dumb! There's lots of tricky things about this platform, and I'm so proud of you for giving it a go! In fact, I'm going to buy it for you, just for trying, so go ahead and drop your entry.

It could be that no one was selling at the time, so the buy order will sit there until someone does.

The keys are what you are given when you sign up. The active key is always the one for wallet transactions - and yes, it's the same as STEEM.

Please, please don't feel dumb!

It's a complicated system!

Thank you for your response. This is a weight off my shoulder because I was feeling really stupid but really I will figure it out. You don't have to buy it for me. You made it more clear now and I do really appreciate the help that you have given. Your help and kindness is overwhelming and appreciated!!!

I tried again and I couldn't login in. It keeps saying error so I couldn't even put in my key. I then tried to send lotus to you but couldn't do that either. It said error. I guess I don't have the touch haha.

Can’t buy on hive engine? (Edit:) okay I see at the top it's 👌 😎

I just saw this and I don't understand sorry.

I was just seeking clarification, I thought for some reason we needed to buy on LeoFinance but I went back and read the article properly and figured it out ;)

I am glad you figured it out because I am trying to buy on Leo Finance and no luck. I think I am the only one who can't do it.

I haven't tried on LeoFinance. I must be the only one who hasn't logged in to that yet ;) However have you tried on Hive Engine?

No but I will if this doesn't work. Thanks for the tip.