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As a global citizen of this world, I often take the time to think of loved ones, close friends, acquaintances, strangers I've never met, who've left lasting impressions on me, things around me, small deeds I can do that might contribute to the world, and of myself, of course.

This weekend, it's hard to fathom that it was 19 years ago, that our minds struggled to understand and believe the catastrophe that rocked a side of the globe, while the ripples affected us all. We experienced and adjusted to many changes as they impacted our lives in one way or the other.


Today, 2020, globally, we're living a different kind of catastrophe simultaneously, which has prompted us to re-examine the way we approach, and live our lives.

I don't know about you, but I sometimes get carried away with my thoughts and my imaginations (they're so fantastic and funny at once), and even though I sometimes feel as if I'm going through a dark tunnel, I always have hope, because I know there will be light.

I refuse to feel like I'm buried alive.

One might think that I have a perfect life, but it's far from it.
I do face personal tribulations, but it's seldom that I talk about my problems, because I feel like I reinforce them and magnify my problems when I do.
We all have different strategies, and this one works for me. It allows me to drown out and block nuisances as if they're non-existing.
As global citizens, we have to think outside of ourselves. There's so much going on! I appreciate what I have and realise that I've got it better than many.

I rather to focus and give my energy to positive things.



With that, my weekends tend to be reflective as I aim for serenity of my mind, body and soul. Creating happiness from within is a lovely feeling that I'll continue to experience.

It is a beautiful world! Never forget that, no matter what life throws at you.
Life is about lessons - I have an unassuming demeanor, but I'm not a dunce...I observe and I learn!

Remember, life's journey is about learning.

What have you been up to this weekend?

Share them with me...tell me about all your crazy stuff. I like to be entertained :)


😀 Love it

😊 Thank you very much!

Happiness from within is one of the most valuable sources of it...Finding it from within means it can always be found there at those times when the world delivers the negative things, which we know will always come; That's just part of life.

A nice and thoughtful post which I'm pleased you've chosen to put in the engage the weekend community.

Thanks Galen! I like the way you've summarised that.
Engage the weekend is a nice little community. Thanks for the nudge! I'm happy to contribute to it.:)

You're welcome and thank you for your contributions to the community, many more to come I hope.

My pleasure! Thanks!
Yes, I'm looking forward to dropping a few lines on some weekends :)

Wow! That's a reasonably exotic yoga platform :) Beautiful place.

I seem to specialize in zigging when the world zags. I was just about to open a coffee shop in September, 2001-one of the happiest times of my life. I've found my birth family this year (both of them) after 50 years of searching. I have 8 more siblings in my life in 2020. I just can't help but smile :)

The turn of the millennium was no question the darkest time ever for me. The world wide celebration just passed me by.

Which, I guess, is to say that I control my attitude and outlook. Keep it good and the world is good. Even in the less than optimum times.

You can read about my weekend plans and musings elsewhere in this community if you are so inclined. It's not much :)

Thanks for a really positive message. I really appreciate it!

Wow! Your story is interesting. I m intrigued and definitely gonna check out your weekend plans.

to say that I control my attitude and outlook...keep it good and the world is good

With this attitude you WILL get far! :)
Best wishes to you and your future goals.

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It's quite important to reflect on yourself, I can agree with that and you've chosen quite a nice place for yoga!
If I were there, I would probably do something that'd ease my mind. Like grabbing a piece of fiction or something like that.

@notacinephile Thank you very much! You're the 2nd person to compliment my yoga spot (I forgot to acknowledge the compliment from @bigtom13 (thank you :)
That location is beautiful and ideal especially when there's little activity around.
@notacinephile I've taken a glance at your profile - you've got some interesting stuff there man! Very nice. I'll dedicate some time to read your recent and old articles.

I really like vast open spaces! Spending in such places, alone, usually hammers in some important realizations into me that I usually forget like an imprudent brute.

Thanks! You're very much welcome to my blog. :)

I like your expressions :)