Booting up Hivecannabis community!!!

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**Welcome all welcome one and all.





Really been meaning to kick this off and get things going especially with the thousand hive delegation that is tossing boats out and really encouraging more subscribers.

really appreciate all the help and effort everyone this is absolutely amazing and we will continue growing.

I have been thinking that I need to look into this account and steak be available coins so that it is throwing weed cash votes as well.

And yes I'm throwing weedcash votes to content creators!!!! Besides my stake being thrown out.

we are really excited to see more gross in the future and Portland Oregon is the hotbed of cannabis around the world.

the bigger of an investment the Cannabis community has in ourselves means that we can grow more.

I will definitely think about getting a discord room ready and together. But honestly enough I'm trying to keep most of the content and engagement right here. More comments and post mean that we have more opportunities to vote each other.

cannabis is a medicine that needs to be used in a good play and pretty much all human beings can benefit from it.

From having some absolutely amazing results alleviating symptoms of epilepsy in children to put in cancer patients into remission?

This is a plant that needs to be honored respected and used in a good way.

We are just now learning about the potential for all the rest of the chemicals that make up these flowers and their applicable uses for the treatment of humans.

We really appreciate everybody's support and how much everything has grown as well as having our dreams realized and an investment in our community has occurred.

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