Thank You, 2020. Welcome 2021

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Is writing about life reflection at the beginning of the year important? At least for people who value their struggles, it matters.

Everyone has their own toughest struggle, and it deserves to be appreciated even though sometimes it's only by yourself. It's okay, at least when one day you see that writing, you know you have developed into something stronger than before. I can assure you of that.

Hive is the Most Influential Platform in My Life


Hive affect all aspects of my life. Starting from financial health, freedom of time with family and even finding lessons about love, and finally lessons about finding the best potential in me.

I once found love in HIVE, even though then it wasn't with me anymore, but I'm still grateful. Because it is precisely today, the loss of love that makes me realize that only people who are worthy to be with me will remain with me, no matter what. Now I am growing and shining better, that's the way. Finding and then losing someone, but then I found the best part of me.

That's why how broken I was then, right now, that's what makes me into something different and fresh. It breaks to be beautiful, like an old twig in a plant that has to be broken to reveal a more beautiful part.

Thanks the beautiful girls. You guys always with me @priyanarc, @katerinaramm.

Healthier Financial Planning

HIVE made me realize that I had to invest for my life retirement. HIVE has also enabled me to invest, although not much. I always set aside my payout to buy coins or other tokens, after I use them to pay bills in my real life.

With payout rewards from creating content on HIVE, I can also buy items that support my passion for cooking and writing. BIG THANKS TO HIVE!

Health Awareness of Body and Mind

The people behind @naturalmedicine taught me to better manage my mental health. Thanks @riverflows and @plantstoplanks.

The Natural Medicine community also encourages me to have a healthier lifestyle and diet. This is an expensive aspect of life, how health affects our whole life.

And, our success starts from a healthy mentality, which is full of positive things. Success is a positive thing and it will not attract people who are filled with negative thinking.

I am grateful to be able to get to know the Natural Medicine Community even though I have not contributed very well to this community. In 2021, I would like to post more about mindfulness in this community.

The End of The Notes


When I look back at my days, I smile with relief. It turns out that the days that I thought were full of tears, turned out to be what made me strong today. There is no pain, only gain at the moment. But it takes time to see it as something new.

Thank you 2020, with the best things in my life, HIVE and the people in it.

Thank you @OCD, @curangel, and @foodiesunite projects for great support of me and my content.

Hey, 2021, take me to a better place, with HIVE.


About Image:
  • The header image is taken from the HIVE Oreo Cake recipe that I posted in the past. This cake ingredient is only made with two ingredients, Oreo and milk. Then baked or steamed. Read the recipe HERE.

Happy new year, Hive People! Stay blessed and may we always find a lot of goodness and light among the many obstacles that we have to go through.

HIVE, the better taste of blogging!



Such a beautiful post & you are so right - it's always good to look back in hindsight & acknowledge your own self growth as well as the obstacles you have overcome. Also, it's a chance to celebrate the victories & amazing relationships you have built along the way....

I really enjoy your content & am proud of how far you've come already. It's an honor to be a small part of your journey & I look forward to getting to know you more! Happy New Year! Many blessings to you & your family! 💜


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I know you from CTP community, and we have same positive vibes! Glad to know you here.

Happy new year and I hope this year brings many joyful for you and your family. Love, love. :)

First of all, happy new year sweet sis and I am really happy that finally, you found yourself, and perhaps in 2021, you will be able to explore the best of yourself. Hive changed many people's life including myself and this is the only place where you will find not only support but also you will find some amazing people too who will stay with you no matter where you are...I am glad that I have found you from Hive and I wish one day I will be able to meet you in person...

Sending a lot of love and wishes to you sis...

Hey, we promised to meet in Bali, right? or even Thailand! Hopefully we can make it happen :) SOON!

May your journey in 2021 be very successful! Happy New Year!

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So you too. Nice to know you here :)

This was such a beautiful reflection post. I think reflecting and pondering on our journey is good for our body, mind and soul. What we’ve been through - good or bad - definitely shapes who we are today. I know my struggles and challenges have made me the woman I am today and has given me more wisdom, strength and courage.

I haven’t been able to post much in the Naturalmedicine Community this year but I hope that changes for 2021. I really enjoyed your post and love your cover and footer photo. I look forward to reading more of your content ~

Have a Wonderful New Beginning!

 2 months ago 

I'm just thrilled you are back!

Awww thanks sweet You! ☺️💗😘

Agree with you, @crosheille. Our experience shapes us today. I'm glad to know you, with your powerful smile :)

I want to post on Natural Medicine more, and more, this year.

Have a great year! :*

I'm glad to know you as well ~ 😉

Have a Glorious Year!!! 💗

 2 months ago (edited)

Yay, you made dolphin in 2020? Your happy smiling face is always a bonus on HIVE! You've come so far and learnt so much, and participated with such creativity and grace. Lovely to see your journey and to know you.

Yes, after long journey, I'm dolphin now.

Thank you so much for always support me, Dear. Happy new year.

Look at how far Hive has taken you and grown you in a way you wouldn't have imagined with the wonderful people you met and the things you learned and discovered here.

It is a good reflection of your 2020 and I can see how accomplished you have been in the last years and I know you will do better this year and beyond.
!cheers and Happy New Year!

So much blessing to be here :)

Thank you so much for your kindness

Happy new year!

Wonderful post, from a wonderful person
I am lucky to know you and I wish only the best for you!
Happy New Year my friend!

I'm lucky to know you too. :)

Best wishes for you and your family.

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