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RE: Hive, We need to get our shit together!

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Is there a way to search for communities? That function doesn’t work for me on or peakd is it just my bowser? Communities are kind of useless if you can’t find them...



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lol what hahaaha bestrandom bowser ever

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You can. click communities and search itll show up under your communities and featured communities. not entirely intuitive

Is that in peakd or
I see a search bar in both but it doesnt actually do anything for me

you have to type in the search bar and then press enter. It took me awhile also to figure this out....the looking glass icon doesn't search it, you have to press enter on your computer (a bit awkward, tbh)

@peakd @quochuy Perhaps issues to be fixed with searching for communities.

Please raise an issue on the Condenser's GitLab repository:

This way an available developer can pick it up and it can then be tracked.

Hmm, it must be my browser. Sometimes these things are a bit squirly on ipad

hmmm, i have not tried it on the ipad...i wonder if it works? @peakd

I'm using safari on ipad i'll go try chrome and mozilla for fun

I'm using safari on ipad i'll go try chrome and mozilla for fun

Update: ok it does work on safari, you just have to scroll all the way past featured and my communities to see it and if there are no search results (which there weren't for what i searched the first time) then there is no indication that any search took place. It does actually work though.

I guess i just assumed that it was just there to tease me like the main search bar on peakd 😅

(By the way I’m not hating, peakd you guys are my go to frontend but that search thing does make me itchy...)

did you press enter on the ipad after typing in search terms?

Yeah it was just that there were no search results so when i scrolled down i only saw my communities and featured.

Good opportunity for me to fill that niche :) except i Don’t have enough magical juice to Create a community unfortunately.

Hi, we need a bit more details to be able to help ...what text are you using? Can you share a (peakd) screenshot of the issue?

Hey thanks for the follow up, my problem was that I didn’t realize the search results would show up at the bottom of the page underneath my communities and featured communities. Also there were no return search results For my search So even when I scrolled down there was no indication that a search had been performed. The search is actually working. Which is stellar.