Paying attention to our breath and two videos on how to get high on it

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We breathe 24/7. Anything we do in life is accompanied by breath. If we stop breathing this body dies. And yet we pay very little attention to the way we are breathing, we get caught up in everything else, give every other action, reaction and sensation top priority, while breath easily escapes our radar.

This post sprouted while feeling a bit depressed, gloomy, and despite hearing a voice inside saying “get up and meditate, get up and meditate”, I couldn’t pull myself to doing it.

At some point, I had the epiphany that while I couldn’t get myself to do much physical activity (even something as simple as getting out of bed), I could certainly focus on my breath. What became obvious was that there was no contradiction between being depressed and paying attention to my breath.

I think when our mood is down we try to protect it and give it some sense of legitimacy. Also, we associate breathing deeply with seeking happiness and well-being, so if we are sad, angry or depressed we frown upon the thought of doing this because in some way it dishonors our current state.

But we don’t have to breathe deeply or attempt to pull ourselves out of our dear melancholy and sadness. All I’m suggesting is to pay close attention to breath. Once we do that everything starts to become clear, it becomes obvious that our state of mind stems directly from the way we are breathing.

Anger, frustration, pain and unpleasant states of mind seem to be born from the lack of attention to breath and can be better managed through appropriate breathing. After all, the way you breathe determines a lot of your body chemistry.

It’s not my intention to present myself as an expert on breathing, but I have proven over and over the enormous influence it has on my mental state. You can get high on breath, send yourself to sleep and even provoke out of body experiences through its conscious practice. You can charge yourself up or calm down according to your needs with this simple overlooked mechanism the body uses all the time.

And the most asked question at this point might be… how do you get high through breath?

Well, here are the two promised videos from a guy that goes by the name of Dan Vadnais. I suggest watching this one first to get a grasp on some useful breathing tips. The second one will help you keep a rhythm while breathing.

How To Do Alkaline DMT Breathwork (Step By Step Guide)

DMT Alkaline Breathing - 3 Rounds (Jungle Edition)

It’s important that you don’t go into this practice expecting to break through the Matrix and into the fractal fields of Love and Bliss on your first try. Many who go with high expectations end up feeling frustrated and saying “it doesn’t work”. However, you will probably feel a huge consciousness shift and in my first practice, I certainly got a “high” that went on even after finishing the session.

All the tiredness and negative thoughts were gone and I felt this huge surge of energy, accompanied by an inner warmth that remained for several hours.

So, what are you waiting for? Go give it a try and feel free to let me know in the comments how it went!

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@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine – Isn't it wonderful how a simple thing like focusing on our breath can uplift us and change our state of mind. Thanks for sharing!


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Thanks @porters for the curation and support. Stay well and breathe on!

"It’s important that you don’t go into this practice expecting to break through the Matrix and into the fractal fields of Love and Bliss on your first try." 🤣

I've been steadily working on various breathwork practices as a consequence of going to Sunday morning yoga. And found it to be transformational, even after 5 minutes. It's TRUE that one can become quite spacy and ungrounded and shift into another realm. Generally we share community lunch after yoga and I NEED that downtime and grounding to be able to drive home safely.

Nice post and nice thoughts.

Yeah, that idea was more intended with people who expect to achieve an experience similar to DMT or other psychedelics through this practice. But you are right, 5 minutes is enough to build up a big transformation within!

The longer sessions are the basis for tantra, and we know where THAT goes!! 😍🤣😍

Well, not exactly where lol, but I know what you mean 😁

Hola amigo,

Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned this write up in my Mindful Life curation the day before yesterday ( in case you missed it )

Hope to see you at the 2nd Hive Party tomorrow!

Find the full curation post here

Thank you amigo! Haven't been too active here these days, focusing on other things! Won't be attending the party as I have an unexpected visitor... Hope ya'll have a blast!!