Rape Changes you!

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Over the years, I've seen people change, I have seen them grow, I have seen them live, I have seen them die, I have seen the fail and succeed, I have seen them lose faith and I've seen them get it back, I have seen them crawl in to a thick shell to protect themselves from the world, I've seen them grow depressed ,I've seen their mental health get terrible . And in all I have seen people not been able to comprehend why the.changed so much or why they are the way they are. The reality is people who have been raped or sexually assaulted may not ever see the world the same way ever again, they never truly get over it and sometimes be com aggressive or may not even want a sexual life anymore, they may get so attached to violent sex cause that's their own way of fighting the fear they live with. In times past people shame those who have been sexually assaulted, they make horrible statements about them (like thy wanted it, why where they there,how where they dressed etc) an this makes victims asked themselves "what's the point of talking abut it when I'll still get judged"? They crawl into a shell and try deal in with their pan alone,some end up pregnant and their families may or may no stand by them, some end up with deadly viruses and infections ,all these to add to the trauma they are trying to comprehend. Some may see no need staying alive and end up taking their life. The fact remains that no one knows what the next person is going , no one really understands what the next person is dealing with so its very important that we try to be kind, try to show some humanity, try to understand cause everyday, we keep fighting different battles in our life's and just an act of kindness could re candle the faith one had lost. Its difficult to hel on your own and isolating yourself never helps either. Go for walks, see a therapist, converse with family , keep your Ind occupied and slowly you will heal, the scars may still be there but at least the wound is covered.

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