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RE: Hive, We need to get our shit together!

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good stuff! As you know the onboarding to hive is a lil tricky.

I was talking to one of my creative friends. And just organically mentioned I been writing more and whatnot, shared some of my 5-minute freewrite post with her. And then she was like whats hive, we chat about it. She says I need to sign up. I tell her she would be great, she really strong poet and writer.

The next day I share with her some more stuff, and then she's like ok I'm gonna sign up. A few minutes later, she like ok 2 seconds in, and I'm lost. I really wasn't prepared or thought about helping her sign up, so I'm lost too. Then I try to see about inviting her or doing some kind of referral. Then I finally get to Hiveinvite and try to use it. I put in her email, and do what I think I needed too, and it even says on my Hiveinite account that I have her under My Open Invites, but on her end, she never got the email. I tell her give it some time, follow up the next day, check her spam and other tabs in her email, nothing. That is all to say, its a bit messy and tricky to invite and bring someone over to the Hive.

Now she is a good friend and down for being creative, so this is only a bump in the road. But not everyone is like her, or I have the same relationship. That signing up process can be a big roadblock. And at the same time, it would be wise for me to try to figure out what will be the best way to help onboard anyone, so the next time I mention it and the person seem interested that I can practically help them and actually get them into the Hive...


Did they use this:
It literally takes 2 minutes to do, and it's free also. It's made by @roomservice

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yeah...I guess we need to work on that too....i have also lost people at the signup process...

As much as I like peakd, the keychain is so confusing at first so id rather get them on the chain first and interacting before recommending peakd.

Tell me when your friend is signed up, ill send her some love

What is the fastest easiest and most intuitive signup? Anyone?

please share my tutorial that explains every step:
it literally takes 2 minutes to get a free Hive account

Please send people who are trying to get a Hive account my tutorial, because I show every step of Here it is on youtube


sorry about that, i went ahead and created a Hive People youtube account, so i moved it from my personal account to there.

edited the link, sorry about that..

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this is great!

Try by @roomservice. It is a game changer for onboarding. Create a new, free Hive account in 2 minutes.

awesome, thanks!

I just had a similar experience. I finally got my friend signed up, got him on peakd, and the recommended login method is keychain, Which doesn't work unless you download from github apparently? So that frustrated him, i talked him through using hivesigner, and the next thing he does is go to the search bar to find me. That was the last time he was on hive I believe.

Please watch my tutorial: Watch on YouTube if you're too impatient to wait for buffering:

actually Hive Keychain is available as an extension on Chrome, Brave and Firefox browsers. I have written a tutorial that covers these steps.

I thought as much, i can’t use it because ios doesn’t support browser extensions but he tried it and it didn’t work for him. I believe he’s relatively computer literate though he is a gamer so who knows ;)

up until a few weeks ago, it was not on Brave browser and Chrome, but it got accepted into it. So, if you're on ios, then the Esteem app is it....until @dapplr is born

Wait! Stop whatever you were doing, and watch my tutorial that goes over every single step. Use not the other sign up page because tbh, it's way too confusing.

awesome, thanks!