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RE: Hive, We need to get our shit together!

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love this post!
Not only have I come back, I have returned with a vengeance and set up my own Hive project @hivepeople..... In a nutshell, my project aims to solve two problems:

Do communication and marketing about Hive onboarding by @roomservice @hiveonboard (once the site is fully works now to create free Hive accounts, but the Learn section is I wrote that today) and Hive marketing....

I also created the Hive Marketing group, so that we can all work together to create social media campaigns.
Also as far as onboarding, I am running the @hivepeople twitter account, so Hive noobs can reach out and get help when they are having tech issues. I tell people to tag @hivepeople on twitter and on hive if they need assistance. Together with @hivetrending, we are making some serious progress....
And my HIVENOOBS series of tutorials aims to cover every topic imaginable that people I just need someone to build a website for all
Thanks for the mention...yeah, we need to all invite people back, plus we need to really focus on user retention. Once the site is 100% complete, and we have referral links (they're working on this right now), I"m going to do a social media campaign. We have to strategize how to engage users right away, and i think we need an army scouring the introduceyourself pages.....if the campaign is successful, more people will join, so we gotta be smarter this time around.


Great work @stellabelle! And @whatamidoing too.

Thanks for the shout out! 😊

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You are great at getting people excited about stuff. I'm sure we will get it right this time as long as we don't get complacent and wait for someone else to take care of it because nobody will if we don't.

I keep saying ex steemians are the easiest people to onboard and some people seem to think "they left already, weak hands, whatever" and I hate that attitude cause I fault myself for staying when we initially couldn't deal with the bidbots and a lot of people seemed to like them. We lost fluff when crypto went down but we lost real community when the bidbots took over and we have only recovered a small core. How hard would it be for everyone to go seek out and message an old steemian who left a year ago and invite them to hive

i hated the bidbots, that's what killed it for me.....and i could not tolerate Ned's moronic self either. fuck ned.

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hahahaha love your passion!

You were one of the first people to leave a meaningful comment in one of my old Steemit posts, and for that I'm grateful :)

You've got a lot going on there! I'm trying to get back into it, putting a couple of hours every day to see how can I help.

If there's anything I can do when it comes to photography I would love to help.

Thanks, and it's great to see you back here.