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RE: Hive, We need to get our shit together!

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I have identified one if not the BIGGEST problem currently on Hive:

  1. Most social media users are on mobile.(something like 80%)
  2. The Hive Communities feature is one of the best aspects of Hive, and solves a lot of retention issues.
  3. The only mobile app on Hive, Esteem, has no functionality for users to join Communities.....LOL. I have been testing this all out, and realized if i'm using Esteem app, I CANNOT JOIN COMMUNITIES! The lead dev replied that they are working on this, but i think user onboarding is a bit pointless until this happens.

We can't spend a gazillion dollars on advertising, and getting new users, if most are on mobile and they cannot join communities. It would be a total waste of funds. Until this gets resolved, we can work on other things....and @roomservice is getting a referral system in place as well.
The main thing we can do right now:
Identify which friends are writers/content creators, and get them to join communities. send them to, and once the Esteem app has the communities feature working, then we can go nuts!


Dapplr's most recent post shows the ability to join and use communities in their app.

when will Dapplr be finished? I am guessing it will take some time...I hope the UX is minimal, and not too fancy, because Hive is already too complicated, lOL. I am optimistic that Dapplr could be a good mobile app, let us pray for this.

They are talking June. Let's hope so.

Let us pray. No idea when it will launch...

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I don't think it's as fatal as that but it certainly is a huge hurdle. Corona means more people at their desktops but soon the lockdowns will ease up and people will be back on the move and we will need a mobile app. Any others working on them?

I just think we should be able to get back to our glory days as we are now without putting money into it. You are right about communities being essential but we had communities even before we had communities so we can make it work while the developers figure the rest out. Looking forward to seeing the results of the hackathon.

I agree. Now is not a good time to aggressively advertise. We should wait until the DAPPS mature in their development, and then once the onboarding process is refined, we go hard and recruit as many new people as we can.