My Earth Deeds Volume 9 entry - No plastic bags!

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Today I was browsing through Hive posts and found a post about Earth Deeds

Earth Deeds as in doing something good for the earth, it can be so many things. Being more aware of the ecological footprint you leave is a great start to help mother nature if you ask me. From that point on, you can start improving things and replace old habits with other/more natural habits to not only help yourself but also the earth. Curious about this contest? I reblogged the contest post as well, but for easier reference just click here.

Reducing my ecological footprint

One of the first things I've done to reduce my ecological footprint was when I wasn't ready to make the huge changes but still wanted to improve my ecological footprint. In the past, I seriously had 100 if not more, plastic bags in my closet after shopping. It could be from getting groceries in the supermarket or the local pharmacist. Maybe I went shopping for clothes, whatever, everywhere they'd hand out plastic bags. I always kept them to reuse them, but to a certain point that it got out of control having so many bags. So then I started to use them as bags to collect plastic waste. At least they had a function then.

Nowadays I rarely have plastic bags

If you need a bag, usually you have to buy it and often it's a paper one. So I always go shopping with a cotton bag and if I'm expecting to buy a lot of things, the backpack comes along. This way I don't have plastic bags that are bad for the environment and I can use it over and over again. Whenever the cotton bag gets dirty, I just wash it and it's as new again.

reusable bag.jpg

Whenever I order food to support local businesses a bit (I try to do so once a week), I get paper bags with the food in it, and when the bag is still in good condition, I cut out the parts that are useable to draw/paint on or maybe I can use it to craft something in the future. I always try to be very aware of what I throw away and whenever I see potential to recycle/upcycle things, I will do so.

What good deed for the Earth did you do today? It would be cool if you join the contest and make your own post about it!

Please leave a comment below and have a wonderful weekend!


Hi! That's a really nice initiative :) I'll take a look at the contest.
Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend!

Agree :) Good luck, and same to you :)

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Hello @thisismylife, this is @notconvinced on behalf of Natural Medicine.

I'm glad you decided to publish a post for the initiative. Cutting out plastic bags is definitely one of the easiest things to do these days. I hope your post motivates others to do so.


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Thank you @notconvinced / @naturalmedicine <3

I hope so too!

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I have used fabric grocery bags for a while now, and as long as you are careful and do not overfill them, they usually last at least a year. I didn't like how grocery stores would hand out excessive amounts of bags previously, so I used to keep it to just one bag and would constantly stop them from double bagging. These days in Portland plastic bags for item distribution at retail stores is illegal, and you have to pay $0.10 usd per bag if you want paper ones from stores now. I am not about regulation... but this was a good idea. GOOD #EARTHDEED!