No Poo Experiment | Week 1 | The Transitioning of detoxing my hair and scalp

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Twelve days ago, I said I was going to ditch all the toxins and go "No Poo"

If you are interested in that post, you can read about my intentions to start the "No Poo" experience in this post. Initially, I wanted to cut off some more centimeters of my hair before starting this, as I hate the greasy hair whenever I skip a few days of washing it with shampoo. But then the hairdresser didn't have time while I already skipped several days of washing my hair. This was the actual kick-off marking my journey to lose all the toxins for my hair.

I decided that I should not only take better care of my hair (in terms of using natural products), but also slowly should seek other products to wash my body and clothes for example. Looking for another product for my laundry and body made me bump into an article about Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 soap. After reading the article, I went ahead and did some own research including watching a few review videos about Dr.Bronner's and I was convinced that my No-Poo journey would be supported by this product to (hopefully) at least give me the idea that I can clean my hair properly during the transitioning phase. I was horrified thinking about these greasy hair weeks, so the idea of having something in the house that was the closest thing to shampoo was comforting.

I ordered two bottles: baby-mild and peppermint. Peppermint, because it sounded nice and the reviews were great, the baby-mild in case I was actually going to use it for laundry, this seemed like the best option. One week of waiting before the arrival of my package, five days ago it arrived and my real journey could start.

dr bronners soap.jpg

Above you can see Dr. Bronner's bottles and one small bottle diluted (peppermint) with water, I only used a few drops in there. I use this diluted one for my face and also for my body. Let's see how these five days have been since Dr.Bronner's came into my life.

Day 1: I washed my hair with Dr.Bronner's

I started counting on the day the package with Dr.Bronners arrived, but in reality, I hadn't washed my hair in several days and I should count these as well as the transitioning phase. When my package came, I decided to use peppermint Dr.Bronner's first.

I used just a few drops on my hand (pure) and started applying it on my (very greasy) hair and itchy scalp. Honestly, this package came right in time, I couldn't have survived (lol) another day with the itching ugh. Immediately there was quite a lot of foam, and I had the idea that these drops were enough for my hair. But after not too long I noticed it felt as if the shampoo was fully absorbed by my hair (I don't know how else to describe that) and it felt super dry. I kept on massaging my scalp because I really loved the tingly feeling I got from the peppermint as my scalp had been itching for days. I seriously could have stood there for a full day enjoying the massaging of my scalp haha.

I rinsed the soap out for quite a while as it didn't really feel anything like your hair normally feels like when you rinse out the shampoo, I had no idea if it was all rinsed out. My hair felt as if I would never be able to brush through. This wasn't correct btw, although it really felt as if my hair was filled with knots, I could brush through quite easily. I made the mistake to blowdry my hair later, and after this, my hair looked as if someone had used glue in it. It also started to itch again, I assume the heat in combination with the soap (and probably the hardness of the water) was causing this. The best thing to ignore that feeling of itchiness was putting my hair in a ponytail and don't touch it. So I did, until the next evening.

Day 2: Washed it again but with some more Dr.Bronner's (probably not the best move)

I wanted to know if I should have used more soap the previous day and when I used a few more drops, I had an enormous amount of foam on my head, and the foam kept on coming while massaging it. It felt like using normal shampoo, and I actually enjoyed it. It didn't seem to be absorbed by my hair and I thought this was a good sign. Then I started rinsing it out and had the same hair as the day before.


I had cleaned my brush before getting in the shower because yesterday I was wondering if my hair started to itch because of product residue in my brush (which I should have checked before day 1, but I didn't). This time I only brushed it with my hairbrush, and then let it dry in the air instead of using the fohn.

Day 3: Only rinsed my hair thoroughly with water

When I woke up with dry hair, and brushed it, I noticed that my brush was filled with product residue and then I knew I was overusing the soap yesterday. This was not going to look pretty probably. Today was a no soap day, and I would defo stick to rinsing with water only. The funny thing is, that even though there was a lot of product residue and I overused the product, my hair felt a lot better than a week ago when I didn't wash it with anything. And also, my scalp wasn't as itchy as I expected it to get when there would be too much leftover product in my hair. I mean, looking at my brush already caused me to get itchy, but that was actually the worst part of it. Funny, right?

Day 4: Rinse, rinse, rinse! And do I see curls???

Brushing my hair still went well, it looked a bit funky and I noticed curls!!! I have straight hair, and I see some waves in my hair, could this really be happening? I read about girls having straight hair suddenly getting curls when they go no poo. I also remember people telling me (as a child) that I didn't have straight hair, while it looked straight to me. Maybe there's a curly girl inside here!!

curly girl.jpg
I wish I had these curls above!

I found out at this point, that there's another product advised to use after using the soap from Dr.Bronner's. I totally missed that part, damn. A quick online search taught me that I wasn't going to find it without having to pay high shipping costs, so this made me decide that this was the time I needed to learn more about the DIY natural options to help my hair through the transitioning phase. Let's check out the options below:

Deep Conditioning

When I went to Dr. Bronner's website wondering if my hair was reacting the way it supposed to be after starting to use the Castille soap, I found a lot of great information about how to help my hair during the transitioning phase. I decided to go for (one or more) DIY method as there are quite a few guidelines and tips to try out. Every hair is different, so I have to try these options and find the best fit for my hair (which can be different in a few weeks as well).

Deep Conditioning no poo.png

I have bought a bunch of avocados yesterday and I think I will go for a mixture of egg yolks, avocado, and apple cider vinegar. The idea of putting this mixture in my hair is not really appealing as you can imagine, but I'm going to give it a try this weekend. My avocados aren't ripe yet, not even sure if this is needed, but in case I decide to start eating it instead, it's best to use a ripe avocado. :) (just kidding!)

DIY baking soda shampoo

Before I discovered the Dr.Bronner's product line, I thought my only go-to during the No-poo experience was going to be either baking soda and/or apple cider vinegar. I didn't look up the exact amounts I was going to need as I have both products in the house anyway, and also read that it's best to prepare fresh mixes that you use instantly rather than making in advance.

As I was now looking for the best way to help my hair (and myself haha) get through this phase, I also came back to the baking soda shampoo and it's really easy:

Mix together 1 part of baking soda with 3 to 4 parts of water. It will become a paste while mixing it and it's up to you to find the mixture and consistency you like best for your hair. This may change from time to time as well.

Scrub the paste into your hair and scalp, then leave it in there for about two minutes before rinsing it out. Now use an apple cider vinegar rinse to restore the pH balance of your hair and scalp. It will also add a nice shine to your hair!

Day 5: Another rinse-only day

Although I had planned on doing the deep conditioning today, I'm happy to say (and surprised) that my hair feels quite nice and I don't feel the urge or need to do anything about it today. I may or may not do a water rinse later when I'm heading in the shower anyway. Although I still don't have the soft wanted hair that is expected after the transitioning phase, I'm really happy with the results so far, and I'm even happier that I decided to order these products rather than only using water/baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

I will update in some days again, and also review my experiences with the deep conditioning method and baking soda shampoo.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to leave a comment :)

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Be careful using baking soda and vinegar repeatedly on the skin. I used to do this, and could not stand it for long term use. Unless your skin is flaking and itchy on a daily basis so it needs constant cleaning, I think it is a bit overkill. It's like constantly coating the skin in acid and scraping it off. The strong vinegar smell stays in the hair, and made it harder for me to fall asleep. Eventually, I switched to natural shampoos that contain none of the chemical sulfates, and my hair for the first time stayed dandruff free. I only have to clean the hair once every three days or so.

Highly recommend using a leave-in conditioner spray with natural oils. I've been a fan of argan oil. Seems to help keep skin underneath the surface supple and moisturized so it doesn't become itchy red or flake. Mostly, it coats the hair strands so it stays soft and smooth to comb. On my face, I wash with cold pressed castor oil, to pull toxins out, clean pores, heal skin, and hold moisture in. Kiss pimples goodbye.

Thanks for sharing that, I wasn't really looking forward to the approach of baking soda and vinegar because of the smell. I haven't done it yet either. I was leaning more towards doing a deep conditioning today :)

Noted, the leave in conditioner. I have honestly never been a fan of leaving in conditioner (of course these were the "normal" ones) but it's good to know the options. Argan oil is something I've bought on a holiday ones for my hair, and I still feel sick to my stomach that I forgot that bottle on another trip (that person that found it must have been happy lol) because it was so great for my hair. Argan oil didn't even cross my mind this time.

Pressed castor oil, noted as well. Gonna have a look in the bio store shop now to see if they have it :) Since last week I have company of a huge pimple next to my nose, and I honestly never have these things in my face, probably because I used a bit too strong (even diluted) castille soap on Monday?

Thanks for sharing these tips!

You're welcome.

I actually use a cocoa butter based conditioner which I rinse off in the shower, then the argan oil is a spay bottle conditioner that is leave-in. Everybody has to find the method that leads to the results they like best. Hair and skin wasn't made the same for everyone, I guess.

The key to castor oil is to never clean it off completely with a soap. Only use a washcloth with hot water to rub off in a gentle circular motion. Mostly, it leaves an invisible layer of protection against the air, and won't feel so oily. Working it into the hairline and behind the ears where dry scalp occurs is good too. You can work it into problem areas in the middle of the scalp, but it will be hard to clean off the build-up from the hair without soap, so I do not recommend it for the whole scalp.

Some people say castor oil treatment leaves their skin feeling like it is glowing. Others claim it stimulates hair growth and skin regeneration.

ok googled the castor oil, defo something I need to buy as a standard thing for in the house ;)

I've read a lot of going no shampoo but haven't tried it myself.

I am experimenting a lot with natural cosmetics, though. Lately, I've been trying rising it with beer but I haven't liked it so far :( I did at first but after the 5th time, I think, my hair became looking dry and tangled.

For what I've used so far, Mayonnaise -natural mayonnaise better: just eggs and olive oil- and white vinegar are my absolute favorite!!!!!

Other thing I've tried and liked it but it's not completely natural is adding coconut oil to my industrial rinse.

What I DID try this Quarantine was going deodorant-free. Spent two months without it but couldn't do it :'( the smell was real 😅 I thought it was the transition phase but two months is a lot I think ???? so I want to start trying a natural alternative instead.

Lol, beer I've read in the past, never tried it as the smell of beer is something I'd rather avoid (not a drinker, especially not a beer drinker lol)...

Really? Mayonaise? It's one of these things I started making myself just weeks ago, before that I always bought those from the supermarket, but really trying to work towards making everything myself (where I can). Baby steps though :) lol.. Will remember this one. So many options :)

The coconut oil is really something, in many ways, unbelievable that there's a whole world out there using coconut oil in food but also f.e. in your hair. It's amazing stuff and I never knew about this until about a year ago (when I started using it to fry food in it and later rinsing in the mouth because of an infected tooth).

Oh the horror, I can't imagine going 2 months without it. But it has crossed my mind, that in the end, there must be a better solution for the chemicals in the deodorant we buy in the stores now. I'm just not at that point yet :) And will probably do my absolute best to find a natural one. Keep me posted if you found a good one lol :)

Oh, I am a huge beer drinker 😂 and, casually, it is the one that smells the less after it dries - compared to white vinegar and mayo - but, as I said, I didn't like how it worked on my type of hair - really thin and kind of wavy -

It amazes me how your knowledge of the use of coconut oil is the exact opposite as mine was! I thought it was only used as a cosmetic and then I found out about his wonderful healthy properties (I also used it in oil pulling to heal my kidney!!!!) and, later, that it was used in cooking! 😮 Now I use it for everything.

Hahahah I have some recipes of natural deodorants I have to try myself!!! I'm sureeeely going to keep you updated on it.

I have dreads and have been using Dr. Bronner's since I got them done and have never felt better. You are making a good decision.

Ok, thanks for sharing that :)

Your hair (and your Body) are really going to thank you after all of this,just stick with it, because it is so worth it. It is normal for your hair to get greasy and itchy as it gets rid of all the chemicals that you have put in it in the past. It is amazing what our hair gets used to. My hair developed quite a nice wave when I stopped using products in it about 15 years ago. Looking forward to seeing how the next few weeks go for you.

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That's exactly why I will stick with it, I can already notice the upsides and seeing a bit of a wave in my hair isn't a punishment either. To my knowledge, it feels like it can only get better from here. I expected this horrible itchy phase to continue for weeks after starting with Bronner's but it has been a blessing so far actually. I feel it's so worth documenting this process when I decided to cut out all these chemicals that have been "normal" for my whole life. I'm learning so much about these things lately, it's amazing and I wish I'd taken the time for this years ago. In my case, it's really one of the upsides about this pandemic (like many others btw).

Thanks for stopping by, and I will update as soon as I think it's worth it again :)

Been using Bronner's for years! I use it on my body (just plain water on my face, learned the hard way about soaps on my face [acne from drying it completely out!]) and love it. My favorite scent is the almond, personally. I will say though, I don't dilute it the way it recommends. It would definitely last longer if I did lol

I also stopped using it on my hair, it was too harsh but again, I guess I need to dilute it. I switched and have had good success with Trader Joe's tea tree shampoo. It's not as good as some of the others yes, but it's far better than the junk that is mainstream.

Someday I'll switch my shampoo to something castille based, preferably what I make on my own but no time to give that a try just yet!

Oh another experienced user, nice! I can't believe I never knew about this stuff before. What a waste all these years lol. I have been doubting to order the almond, so this one I will probably try next, not sure how long these bottles will last, it seems as if this may take a long time :)

I think today I will also wash my hair with the diluted soap because there was just too much product left in my hair, even though it turned out not that bad (while expecting an itchy head) I will try if the diluted form will avoid this. Seems logical..

Yesterday my head/hair was fine, today I really feel I need to wash it, so I will. But there's already progress compared to the normal chemicals I used, where the next day it would start to itch.

Thanks for sharing :)

  ·  4 days ago (edited)

The almond has such a nice scent but the bottles, the largest ones for me at least, lasted undiluted about 5-6 months. I can’t imagine how long they will last diluted lol

Ya when we went on vacation recently, I had to use hotel shampoo and my hair felt awful. Very brittle and would get greasy by the end of the day. Tough when you do good stuff for your body but then switch for a bit!

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