Hive, We need to get our shit together!

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The last few weeks have been nice. We are finally free from the clutches of tyrants and lazy captains. We’ve done a good job at bring the community over. But it seems a majority of people here are still acting as if they are not personally responsible for the future of this ecosystem....

Hive has no CEO.
Hive is not run by a company or corporation.
Hive has the potential to become one of the most decentralized chains out there as well as one with the most utility.

We are set to spread far and do great things. There is one thing we all need to remember though:

We are steering the ship ourselves now


No CEO or company means Hive members are responsible for the success of Hive and no one else will come along to make anything happen. Hive won’t just succeed on its own, it won’t even survive with a bunch of developers working away, it needs a community wide effort.

If we don't do our best to grow this place, it will fall apart.

We can't wait for someone else to come along and do it.
A few developments here and there may help.
A listing may bring a few people over.
#posh is a great effort and certainly helps and everyone should do it, but we need a whole lot more than a few hashtags.
We need a lot more people to do their part to grow this place, otherwise, it isn't going to last.

I say that, still confident that it WILL last, but we are treading on thin ice here. It may not feel like it but we are. If we get lazy the next few months, we will miss our best chance to grow and return to our highest amount of users and engagement.

Everyone feels good about Hive being listed and beating steem in many ways, but we won’t get many chances to ride on momentum. The first wave of momentum is dying down already.

What the hell are we waiting for?

Are we waiting for steem to make a comeback with some sleazy Justin tweets and airdrop offers? Are we waiting for Facebook to untangle it’s libra coin and give us much harder competition than we have had before? Are we waiting for some new unofficial CEO to come along and save us? Are we waiting for the witnesses and developers to do everything for us?

If that’s the case, we don’t deserve decentralization.

But I say we do deserve it, we just need a little kick in the butt and so that’s what I hope to do with this post. We need to collectively decide to step up and make it happen. There is one essentially way we are falling short...

Onboarding new quality users

This should be the absolute priority now. No questions asked. We don’t need massive numbers overnight.

We need steady growth.

I frequently look at @penguinpablo's posts to see how many active members we have, and I'm disappointed by the numbers. 10,000 was a nice number to start with. We made it up to 13,000 and fell backdown to 11,000 and now we are stuck in that 11k-12k range.

That’s the best we could do from news about being listed by binance and Huobi? Give me a break!

We can’t rely on headlines alone, we need to make an active effort.

Remember all the outreach that was going on at steem back in the day? We need to do exactly that and we all need to take part.

Here is a list of ideas to bring new users onboard. You can put as much or as little effort into it as you like but if you put no effort into it, you are discouraging Hives success.

Growing the local Hive communities

One of the strongest things Steem had going for it back in the day was local steem communities. We didn’t even have a communities function but groups all over the world were organizing through tags and discord groups. We should be putting a huge effort into this. We should be building Hive groups in every country with a large population, in every major city.

I am personally taking the initiative to connect and encourage coordination between these communities through the Language and Culture Exchange community.

We can build strong nodes around the world and then build different channels of coordination and connection between them. Let’s make it happen.

Local Meetups

Obviously the corona situation makes this a little hard right now but once we have stronger communities based around local areas, we will be ready to have meetups as soon as our area calms down. Every country in North, Central and South America, major hubs all over Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. We can start with the ones which already have some numbers.

At meetups each Hivesters can be encouraged to bring one non-Hivester friend. This worked in the past.

Growing Smaller Communities

A lot of people complain about all the Hive related content on Hive, but with a relatively small user base of a few thousand people and with so much power to influence the place ourselves, it makes sense. The fact is, most niches aren't developed enough for us to get good engagement on niche posts. Photography does well, Crypto does well, Natural Medicine is doing ok. There are a few others that a pushing on despite little support, but most communities have only a handful of active users. We need to change this.

We should be onboarding people and inviting them straight to a community that fits their interests and preferably a community that is still struggling to grow. They will be much more likely to stay and find the whole experience comfortable.

I would love to have more people promoting our Language exchange Community.

We should have much stronger communities built around sports, gaming, anime, philosophy, fiction, music, and a whole other myriad of things. These won't grow themselves though. It's totally up to YOU and ME.

Mention some communities in the pitch!

Get busy on YouTube and Twitter

There are a ton of people sick of traditional social media right now. I don’t even need to go into why, everyone knows. Many people are scared to lose their following and lose touch with old friends though. We can’t expect everyone to abandon it all right away. We need to let them ease in and invite their friends over slowly. And not everyone has to join us either, we just want to catch all those who may bring something to the ecosystem or those who will sincerely benefit from it.

Some have tried steem and were disappointed by some of its many many problems. But we are better than Steem ever was now. We need to get back to pushing on social media with more than just tags.

Hashtags are good but they are not enough. Whenever someone mentions being demonetized or censored, we should be recommending Hive. Even when people don’t mention anything like that, we should be mentioning Hive. “You’d fit in great at!”

Comment! Every single one of us who believes in the platform should be doing this. Even if you hate Twitter, sign up just to do this twice a day to some influencers or friends or strangers you respect on twitter or YouTube. Any niche is welcome. Choose your favorites.

Don’t avoid traditional social media

I haven’t cut ties with everyone who is on traditional social media. I still want to connect with them. And when I do it makes it easier to bring others to Hive.

I am organizing Facebook communities around various topics now, and while other people are trying to market towards them to make a profit, I am going to be recommending Hive to them.

People aren’t going to leave a platform where all their friends and favorite people are, don’t expect them to. Get their foot in the door first and eventually they start putting more time into this place and convince their friends to come over.

Ease people into it

One of the biggest failures I see with onboarding is when people want it too much. You can’t expect everyone to come over, and the more you push, the LESS likely they will be to come over. That’s how human psychology works. People need to make their own decisions to do things otherwise they don’t feel any real commitment.

The best way to do this is to mention Hive casually to friends. “What did you do today?” “I was working on a big project about ______ at Hive. “What’s hive?”

That’s how onboarding should start. Not “hey do you wanna make money!” “hey they powers that be are fucking everything up come join the revolution!” Pique their interest rather than shoving it down their throat.

Send the best articles to your friends when it’s a topic they are interested in. Share your favorite Hive art. Talk about your Hive friends (this one always works best for me). “Why do you have friends in Venezuela?” “Hive”. “What’s that?”

Mention money once they’re already interested

This is such an important point to not only attracting people with more to contribute, but encouraging the best contributions from anyone at Hive. Save the monetization for the K.O. If they already seem interested and then you mention “oh and also, I made $5 for that post”, that is way more powerful than starting with that.

We should be bringing back old steemians to Hive

We can be elitist if we want and fault people for leaving, or we can be honest with ourselves and admit that steem was a total fuck show for over a year. As much as people say everyone left because crypto crashed, I personally know far more people who left because it felt like a spam-fest and bidbots delivered a final blow for them.

We need to reach out to whoever we liked and tell them “no more bidbots, no more ceo, more decentralized than ever, communities up and running, fewer spam, fewer scams, wtf are you doing not on Hive? We miss you”

@guyfawkes4-20 @loftee @satorid @stellabelle @churdtzu and a bunch of others have reappeared recently and their presence brings a renewed sense of excitement to Hive. If we could bring back just a fraction of our old users (some of the best), we’d double our current user base.

Make the most of discord

When friends are interested, you can invite them to your favorite discord even before they are signed up. That way any questions they have can be answered by the community and they can get to know people so they have a few friends to start.

I am organizing chats related to my work and to Facebook groups and then I can bring those people over to the most fitting Hive related chat on discord whenever they seem a little interested.

Come up with your own ways to onboard new quality users

Share in the comments, post about it. Talk about it. Don’t just let the idea rot away in your brain.

Take care of the people you onboard

Let them know how important engagement is, help them make friends, give them upvotes and shares when they post good stuff. Give them tips for writing better content.

COMMENT! I feel like some people think a vote is enough to keep people here. People like money but if they don’t receive any comments they feel they are writing into the void and they stop caring and eventually leave.

Diversify our communities

As more people come to the platform, we are going to need to expand our list of popular communities and they should revolved more around shared interests because it helps people to find their place in the community. I really appreciate the curation communities, but if that’s all we have, there isn’t much of a point to communities. I try to post in a variety of communities and cycle through them depending on what topic I am sharing. For my “#30daysof Indonesian” Study blog I go back and forth between the language exchange community, Indonesian community, ocd, and others. This exposes different people to my project and supports a wider variety of communities. For anyone posting in our language exchange community I also encourage them to post in the community for that language or culture sometimes to help keep that community strong.

If we build our communities, new members will have a place to feel welcome!

Let’s set a goal of tripling our user base and reaching 30k daily active users by the end of the summer and from there we will have the momentum to grow exponentially when bitcoin takes off. All that needs to occur is an average of 3 referrals per person. That isn’t hard at all. I’ll happily take responsibility for 30 and I’ll try for 300! If you believe in Hive, you should too!




love this post!
Not only have I come back, I have returned with a vengeance and set up my own Hive project @hivepeople..... In a nutshell, my project aims to solve two problems:

Do communication and marketing about Hive onboarding by @roomservice @hiveonboard (once the site is fully works now to create free Hive accounts, but the Learn section is I wrote that today) and Hive marketing....

I also created the Hive Marketing group, so that we can all work together to create social media campaigns.
Also as far as onboarding, I am running the @hivepeople twitter account, so Hive noobs can reach out and get help when they are having tech issues. I tell people to tag @hivepeople on twitter and on hive if they need assistance. Together with @hivetrending, we are making some serious progress....
And my HIVENOOBS series of tutorials aims to cover every topic imaginable that people I just need someone to build a website for all
Thanks for the mention...yeah, we need to all invite people back, plus we need to really focus on user retention. Once the site is 100% complete, and we have referral links (they're working on this right now), I"m going to do a social media campaign. We have to strategize how to engage users right away, and i think we need an army scouring the introduceyourself pages.....if the campaign is successful, more people will join, so we gotta be smarter this time around.

Great work @stellabelle! And @whatamidoing too.

Thanks for the shout out! 😊

 last year 

You are great at getting people excited about stuff. I'm sure we will get it right this time as long as we don't get complacent and wait for someone else to take care of it because nobody will if we don't.

I keep saying ex steemians are the easiest people to onboard and some people seem to think "they left already, weak hands, whatever" and I hate that attitude cause I fault myself for staying when we initially couldn't deal with the bidbots and a lot of people seemed to like them. We lost fluff when crypto went down but we lost real community when the bidbots took over and we have only recovered a small core. How hard would it be for everyone to go seek out and message an old steemian who left a year ago and invite them to hive

i hated the bidbots, that's what killed it for me.....and i could not tolerate Ned's moronic self either. fuck ned.

 last year 

hahahaha love your passion!

You were one of the first people to leave a meaningful comment in one of my old Steemit posts, and for that I'm grateful :)

You've got a lot going on there! I'm trying to get back into it, putting a couple of hours every day to see how can I help.

If there's anything I can do when it comes to photography I would love to help.

Thanks, and it's great to see you back here.

Thanks for the mention and for the post.

Funnily enough just today I woke up and decided to deactivate Facebook, Instagram, delete WhatsApp. I hope to eventually get rid of them entirely, as impractical as it seems at the moment.

The more I thought about it today, I realised there is a kind of spiritual energy exchange by being on Facebook, and it's hard for me to say exactly what I'm giving away by interacting with it. I see so many people on there who hate it, but don't know how to stop themselves from going back, myself included.

So I'm not sure if I'll be talking to people on old social media about Hive, but there are surely other ways.

In the Steem days, I only managed to get about 5 people on board, even though I have a lot of friends who are artists who would have clearly benefited from it monetarily... Perhaps some felt that getting money somehow cheapened their art, or they were just shy about sharing their creative process, and so on. Your advice about not shoving it down people's throats proves true time and time again.

Of course, two of the people I got on board dived into the community, @kennyskitchen and @bobaphet.

With Kenny, we made about $80 from a @paradise-paradox interview with him and decided to send it to him to help him on his travels. At first when I mentioned it he was like "cool, thanks" and then when I sent him the money he was like "wait, what?" That was enough to get him to jump on and start inviting all of his wild creative hippie friends onto the platform, forming @abundance.tribe and building all kinds of wealth.

With Bob, he was at a tough point financially, and he was also open-minded enough to look at a way of making money outside of just getting a job. He went on to be a huge part of the DTube community. He told me once he commented the author said "I can't believe @bobaphet is commenting on my post!"

So if I can glean some lessons from that, they'd probably be, invite the influential people who are hard-working and who can benefit from extra money. Seems like a tricky market to corner, but we can definitely see why there are so many Venezuelans on the site.

Thanks Zack.

 last year 

See how much of an impact just two members can make? Kenny kept me here. For me, this place is where community meets sustainability (which for now means money). We have the ability to keep the community alive on discord so I may not have stayed without some kind of ongoing support for an extended period of time and Kenny fulfilled that for me and a lot of others.

Bob is a cool guy too and seems to really made a good connection with dtube.

I don't have the same problem with Facebook. Most of my old friends and IRL friends use it and don't love it but don't complain about it much either, for them it's just a very practical way to stay in touch with people. They are much more active offline anyway, but Facebook bridges the distance. For my friends it's kind of like all or none. It's gonna be really hard to bring over the first few but once I can get them, the rest will come.

One little thing I thought of that might make a big difference in the long run... I like to use Pixabay for images and I'm sure a lot of others do too.

If people aren't already commenting on the post saying "hey I used your image" and leaving a link, that's a great way to get creative people interested. Of course if we say "Hive is a way to make money!" they'll probably be skeptical, so maybe focus on getting them intrigued about what you've posted instead.

What gladdens my heart is knowing that some people in developing countries, are actually able to SURVIVE on Hive.

Parts of Africa have a mobile payments system. Get a cheap smartphone, begin posting about village life, and now Hive becomes a lifeline for a family.

I believe that is where the future growth will come from. The pittance that we see here, is feeding people all around the world.

 last year 

Some of them are really amazing people too. I've made a bunch of friends from Nigeria and Venezuela just in passing and now Indonesia, through our language exchange community.

My passion for Hive comes from the potential for it to give opportunities to people in remote areas and artists/creators who don't want to work for big companies

glad to see you again here! I remember you.

I have identified one if not the BIGGEST problem currently on Hive:

  1. Most social media users are on mobile.(something like 80%)
  2. The Hive Communities feature is one of the best aspects of Hive, and solves a lot of retention issues.
  3. The only mobile app on Hive, Esteem, has no functionality for users to join Communities.....LOL. I have been testing this all out, and realized if i'm using Esteem app, I CANNOT JOIN COMMUNITIES! The lead dev replied that they are working on this, but i think user onboarding is a bit pointless until this happens.

We can't spend a gazillion dollars on advertising, and getting new users, if most are on mobile and they cannot join communities. It would be a total waste of funds. Until this gets resolved, we can work on other things....and @roomservice is getting a referral system in place as well.
The main thing we can do right now:
Identify which friends are writers/content creators, and get them to join communities. send them to, and once the Esteem app has the communities feature working, then we can go nuts!

Dapplr's most recent post shows the ability to join and use communities in their app.

when will Dapplr be finished? I am guessing it will take some time...I hope the UX is minimal, and not too fancy, because Hive is already too complicated, lOL. I am optimistic that Dapplr could be a good mobile app, let us pray for this.

They are talking June. Let's hope so.

Let us pray. No idea when it will launch...

 last year 

I don't think it's as fatal as that but it certainly is a huge hurdle. Corona means more people at their desktops but soon the lockdowns will ease up and people will be back on the move and we will need a mobile app. Any others working on them?

I just think we should be able to get back to our glory days as we are now without putting money into it. You are right about communities being essential but we had communities even before we had communities so we can make it work while the developers figure the rest out. Looking forward to seeing the results of the hackathon.

I agree. Now is not a good time to aggressively advertise. We should wait until the DAPPS mature in their development, and then once the onboarding process is refined, we go hard and recruit as many new people as we can.

Working on my sister, an excellent travel blogger ... for me the difficulty of onboarding and just waiting for things to settle down has been a delay ... but I've got some prospects!

 last year 

Don't push too hard! Try to bring it up casually and let them ask about it! This works well!!

Is there a way to search for communities? That function doesn’t work for me on or peakd is it just my bowser? Communities are kind of useless if you can’t find them...


 last year 

lol what hahaaha bestrandom bowser ever

 last year 

You can. click communities and search itll show up under your communities and featured communities. not entirely intuitive

Is that in peakd or
I see a search bar in both but it doesnt actually do anything for me

you have to type in the search bar and then press enter. It took me awhile also to figure this out....the looking glass icon doesn't search it, you have to press enter on your computer (a bit awkward, tbh)

@peakd @quochuy Perhaps issues to be fixed with searching for communities.

Please raise an issue on the Condenser's GitLab repository:

This way an available developer can pick it up and it can then be tracked.

Hmm, it must be my browser. Sometimes these things are a bit squirly on ipad

hmmm, i have not tried it on the ipad...i wonder if it works? @peakd

I'm using safari on ipad i'll go try chrome and mozilla for fun

I'm using safari on ipad i'll go try chrome and mozilla for fun

Update: ok it does work on safari, you just have to scroll all the way past featured and my communities to see it and if there are no search results (which there weren't for what i searched the first time) then there is no indication that any search took place. It does actually work though.

I guess i just assumed that it was just there to tease me like the main search bar on peakd 😅

(By the way I’m not hating, peakd you guys are my go to frontend but that search thing does make me itchy...)

did you press enter on the ipad after typing in search terms?

Yeah it was just that there were no search results so when i scrolled down i only saw my communities and featured.

Good opportunity for me to fill that niche :) except i Don’t have enough magical juice to Create a community unfortunately.

Hi, we need a bit more details to be able to help ...what text are you using? Can you share a (peakd) screenshot of the issue?

Hey thanks for the follow up, my problem was that I didn’t realize the search results would show up at the bottom of the page underneath my communities and featured communities. Also there were no return search results For my search So even when I scrolled down there was no indication that a search had been performed. The search is actually working. Which is stellar.


Thanks for putting this into perspective. I left Steemit a while back because the reasons you mentioned, It was more of a gossip magazine when the abuse was getting to a point of no return.
I'm so happy to be back and to find a good bunch who cares about the platform.

I've started by posting every day, but I would do my best to help others to come over. You've made very good points when it comes to onboarding, so I must take note and get going.

 last year 

Welcome back, yeah I almost left too, the only reason I didn't was because a few friends stuck around and I had some regular support for my work. But my posts got lazier and lazier until I realized how many people still cared about the platform, including some big names, then when we moved to Hive I went all in.

How good is that people are coming back! Love is in the air.

I'm finding it really hard to post too, but every day I add something and it's getting kind of easier. I still feel kind of lost with all that's happening around Hive, Peakd, and other apps ;) Trying to find my place.

 last year 

@naturalmedicine is already working HARD to streamline curation and give MORE SUPPORT not only to new users, but to the lower strata not really making it yet. We have added new curation projects and are active on both twitter and facebook.

We're 10000% in agreement about growing and consolidating Hive.

Curated for #naturalmedicine (by @artemislives) - join our community here.

We encourage content about health & wellness - body, mind, soul and earth. We are an inclusive community with two basic rules: Proof of Heart (kindness prevails) & Proof of Brain (original content). Read more here.

Our website also rewards with its own Lotus token & we'd love you to join our community in Discord. Delegate to @naturalmedicine & be supported with upvotes, reblog, tips, writing inspiration challenges for a chance to win HIVE and more. Click here to join the #naturalmedicine curation trail!

 last year 

Oh I know! <3

I just want to see communities as strong as NM currently is around a bunch of topics and interests. That's why I am trying to build the language learning community now from hive users AND potential hive users.

Sorry I forgot to give you a link before!
The Language Exchange community

I hope this along with natural medicine can get many people I know on hive

good stuff! As you know the onboarding to hive is a lil tricky.

I was talking to one of my creative friends. And just organically mentioned I been writing more and whatnot, shared some of my 5-minute freewrite post with her. And then she was like whats hive, we chat about it. She says I need to sign up. I tell her she would be great, she really strong poet and writer.

The next day I share with her some more stuff, and then she's like ok I'm gonna sign up. A few minutes later, she like ok 2 seconds in, and I'm lost. I really wasn't prepared or thought about helping her sign up, so I'm lost too. Then I try to see about inviting her or doing some kind of referral. Then I finally get to Hiveinvite and try to use it. I put in her email, and do what I think I needed too, and it even says on my Hiveinite account that I have her under My Open Invites, but on her end, she never got the email. I tell her give it some time, follow up the next day, check her spam and other tabs in her email, nothing. That is all to say, its a bit messy and tricky to invite and bring someone over to the Hive.

Now she is a good friend and down for being creative, so this is only a bump in the road. But not everyone is like her, or I have the same relationship. That signing up process can be a big roadblock. And at the same time, it would be wise for me to try to figure out what will be the best way to help onboard anyone, so the next time I mention it and the person seem interested that I can practically help them and actually get them into the Hive...

Did they use this:
It literally takes 2 minutes to do, and it's free also. It's made by @roomservice

 last year 

yeah...I guess we need to work on that too....i have also lost people at the signup process...

As much as I like peakd, the keychain is so confusing at first so id rather get them on the chain first and interacting before recommending peakd.

Tell me when your friend is signed up, ill send her some love

What is the fastest easiest and most intuitive signup? Anyone?

please share my tutorial that explains every step:
it literally takes 2 minutes to get a free Hive account

Please send people who are trying to get a Hive account my tutorial, because I show every step of Here it is on youtube


sorry about that, i went ahead and created a Hive People youtube account, so i moved it from my personal account to there.

edited the link, sorry about that..

 last year 

this is great!

Try by @roomservice. It is a game changer for onboarding. Create a new, free Hive account in 2 minutes.

awesome, thanks!

I just had a similar experience. I finally got my friend signed up, got him on peakd, and the recommended login method is keychain, Which doesn't work unless you download from github apparently? So that frustrated him, i talked him through using hivesigner, and the next thing he does is go to the search bar to find me. That was the last time he was on hive I believe.

Please watch my tutorial: Watch on YouTube if you're too impatient to wait for buffering:

actually Hive Keychain is available as an extension on Chrome, Brave and Firefox browsers. I have written a tutorial that covers these steps.

I thought as much, i can’t use it because ios doesn’t support browser extensions but he tried it and it didn’t work for him. I believe he’s relatively computer literate though he is a gamer so who knows ;)

up until a few weeks ago, it was not on Brave browser and Chrome, but it got accepted into it. So, if you're on ios, then the Esteem app is it....until @dapplr is born

Wait! Stop whatever you were doing, and watch my tutorial that goes over every single step. Use not the other sign up page because tbh, it's way too confusing.

awesome, thanks!

I’m putting my time and effort to help grow Hive’s presence on these platforms:


Goal setting wouldn't be a bad idea, as you mention at the end!

And Discord, yes, I've been wondering if that might not be our best marketing opportunity - the Kids love it apparently, unless it's already yesterday's news?

 last year 

I've joined a few discords for music and language study, ill be mentioning hive there eventually....first I'm working on pumping people up here and getting people to think more about growing this place and growing some of the smaller communities

How are the active user calculated? Some days I only have time to post an actifit post and thats all xD

 last year 

active means doing any activity on the blockchain. So if it says 10k its probably more like 3k actually spending time here.

Ohh okay cool. I am active daily then! :D

What are we waiting for? Well given that most people are used to somebody else being in charge and doing all the things or grumbling that "somebody oughtta" and as I was indirectly rambling last night I think a lot of people don't realise that we're all somebody ;D

 last year 

It shouldn't be hard to get people here moving, they're already a bunch of weirdos 😏

Pretty good points but as I see it we will either thrive or fall as fast we were born. The communities are the pillars of HIVE and if those grow, so will this ecosystem. So, let's develop as many communities as we can, let's spread on every subject out there and in time those will be source of confidence!

 last year 

It's all up to us. If each of us can choose a small or medium community to help grow and onboard directly to the community, we will bypass a lot of the problems we had before.

As you can see from the comment section, there are more dedicated people than ever who would break a leg to make HIVE a buzzing success.

I think we should recruit a lot mroe venezuelan people as those people are VERY likely to stick with it once they understand that they can easily earn 2$ per day here. That kinda money is a game changer for them.

 last year 

A lot of people care but we need to remember that this place is our responsibility now so it's totally on us.

The Venezuela community has been great, along with India and Nigeria I feel like they've really help hold this place together. I also welcome an Venezuelans who want to improve their English and connect to other cultures to join our language and culture community. 🙂

Great post.

What the hell are we waiting for?

Personally its going to be hard for me to bring people over until there is a decent phone app. My 80k of followers are mostly on Instagram and they simply don't translate over here in its current form. I have high hopes for @dapplr and have supported their proposal.

Otherwise I think we can all help producing quality content that is not hive related. The main problem at the moment is the community is basically a bunch of people talking about themselves and how great the community is. We need to move on from that and be a community of people talking about other things which are happening in the world. Then people will actually want to be here.

There is lots of development and its exciting times however; I have never been so bullish on the future here.

 last year (edited)

Do you mention Hive to your followers at least? I wouldn't expect all 80k to come over, but you might be able to bring a few hundred over as things are.

The reason we are just people talking about how great we are is because there aren't enough people to engage with us on certain niches. Those people won't come unless we bring them over.

I have tried in the past with steem and only a few responses. It's just too complex at the moment with sign up etc.

Hive is getting easier but its not there yet.

The reason we are just people talking about how great we are is because there aren't enough people to engage with us on certain niches. Those people won't come unless we bring them over.

That's the Catch-22 of any new platform. It is hard to dislodge from the status quo as they won't come until its buzzing but it wont be buzzing until they come.

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They won't come til you mention it to them :-P A few times ;-)

True; but I only get one real chance before they write it off. As they are fickle and wont look twice.

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that was the reason i created dark humor community :) lets see how it goes

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Great! Sounds like something that could take off but it's best if communities all seek to onboard new users as well as finding existing users !

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Di Indonesia ini disebut semangat 45 [You know how our ancestors made freedom the country with their spirit? it's I felt after read this post, Great stuff!]

I agree. That's what motivated me to created the Getting Started video tutorial for HIVE for newbies, which I try to distribute off HIVE whenever I can without spamming. Also why I share my hive posts on Twitter. At some point I may make the video tutorial available on one of the course platforms.

In the end, it comes down to all of use to let people know that it is, what it is, and how to use it.

This was a necessary post and thank you so much for shaking us all awake a little bit. You are so right about how much push we used to have back before Steem dropped a bunch of it's active user base when the price plummeted. We needed to be reminded that this should be happening again in a much greater fashion that we are seeing. With that being said, I am ramping up contests like a madman over at @Abundance.Tribe, giving out prizes left and right now. I just hosted the most successful and participated in logo contest I have ever held (1st contest on hive), and while there was a large prize pool to draw attention, the participation level certainly also speaks to the increased level of activity here presumably due to the fork. I think @dynamicgreentk did a great job giving new users resources on Steem with DynamicSteemians, and I know that people in AT are working hard to help newbies as well (I believe we are developing a program for them). Pre-covid we were doing Steem cannabis meetups once a year here in Portland with @Canna-Curate - people came from a few different states. The posh thing definitely kicked my ass into sharing on FB at least. I quit doing that before bc no one cared, but now is def the time to share posts on mainstream social media about why it is to everyone's advantage to join Hive. I feel what you are saying, we gotta catch the wave and ride it while we have the chance. Until covid unwinds we should all go balls to the wall sharing posts that will help people see the truth about our amazing platform we have here. Otherwise, keep pumping out dope quality content and show all your friends how much you are making every day till you annoy the crap out of them into opening and account. BTW - Many accounts can make free accounts for your friends now... make it easy on them and gift them one with an appropriate sn.

Thanks for lighting a fire under us. You're totally right. Onboarding has been on my mind too, and I've been neglectful in this area. I've drafted an email invitation, for some friends who aren't on Hive yet. I'd love to know your suggestions for onboarding tips, if you have any ideas of a systematized approach.

Man, I used to promote the shit out of Steem back in the day. I think everybody did, it was a focus for the whole platform. I'm not 100% what's the situation over here right now but it'd be nice to get there again.