Operation "Obtain Curry Leaves" A Success πŸƒ Immigrants Helping Migrants In Suriname πŸ™Œ

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Struggling to find a source for fresh curry leaves in Suriname for at least 6 months, we finally had success via a Facebook group for Vegans in Suriname.

It's Always An Immigrant

Β  Β  Β This is a terrible hasty generalization, but in my life, the people who have helped me the most have always been another outsider of some kind. Even in Cambodia, I found more love, community, and respect within the minority Cham Muslim community than I did within the Buddhist Khmer community. Even though both are Cambodians, the Cham people understand much more what it means to marginalized.

Β  Β  Β I have tons of examples of from all the places I've lived, like the Venezuelans that reached out to us in Ecuador, or the Ethiopian gentleman who gave up his seat in the overcrowded Jedda aiport so that our daughters could sleep a few hours during a 23 hour layover.

Β  Β  Β Today was further reinforcement of this theory in Suriname, where the Cubans, Guyanese, and Haitians have showed us much more compassion than the native Surinamers. A desperate plea for curry leaves on a Facebook group here landed me at the house of an Indian immigrant who blessed Monkey-B and I with an abundance of curry leaves and more.


Β  Β  Β After a 25-minute bicycle ride we arrived at his house, and I apologize for not taking any pictures there, but I didn't want to invade his privacy. His house was full of various plants in pots of all sizes. I smelt the curry leaves from the street, and after a short talk we ended up with mint, basil, cinnamon tree leaves, Indian mint, and even some free mangos.

Β  Β  Β I tried to offer him a little money, but the fact he refused and the way he refused caused me to ask if he was an immigrant, confirming my hunch. While I may not have much financial wealth, I feel I have lot of wealth in the way of intuition and awareness in the moment, and I always enjoy finding out what makes someone leave their native land behind and pursue a life elsewhere.


Β  Β  Β We learned a bit about each other, had a nice conversation, and we were welcomed back to pick curry leaves anytime we can notify him a day in advance. Monkey-B and I sat off back "home" while she sang his praises the whole way home, mostly because mango pits are her favorite food. Now, with my most important ingredient in hand, I'm inspired to share some more Ital recipes with you all, so stay tuned...

Bless up I-tinually!


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Monkey B


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This made me smile :<)

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Well that makes two of us, because knowing I've got curry leaves in the kitchen brings me a great smile. !ENGAGE 10

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The locals probably don't want all you immigrants coming in and stealing their jobs or something XD

I don't actually know I'm not used to people not helping

Yay for being able to get curry leaves and aww how generous was that guy giving you the extra planmts and the mangos :D

It seems it's always an immigrant that comes to the rescue. The only unsolicited free car ride I ever got in Suriname was from a group of Haitians that noticed I had walked all the way to the immigration office. "Operation Obtain Curry Leaves" was a major success! I couldn't resist adding this South Park scene..


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Immigrants tend to be more empathetic, they usually know how difficult it is and are always willing to reach out

Spot on!! I think this is generally true no matter where one goes on the planet. !ENGAGE 15

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Lovely! You got much more than curry leaves. Looking out for your yummy dishes.

Just when I am about to give up on humanity, one lone soul always gives me a glimmer of hope, although that person always seems to be an immigrant or a minority in some aspect. "Sufferer a' know when dem' see sufferer same weh!" Stay tuned for some curry leaf recipes...

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πŸ˜ƒThere is hope. Looking forward to the recipes.

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How lovely. Yes, its usually peoplr who are more worldly that have gone through trouble themselves that have more empathy.

Thanks for the reminder to grow a curry plant!

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Dear @justinparke.

I always believed that curry was a mixture of spices. I didn't know curry leaves existed.
Could you show us a complete plant please? I would like to see it.

That beautiful girl is a mango lover? I don't blame her, it is one of the most delicious fruits in the world.

Yours, Piotr.

As far as I know, curry powder was invented by the British to approximate the flavor of curry leaves. The plant in the second picture of this post is a curry sapling. Mangos are free here if you're willing to take them from neglected trees, but if you ask, it'll cost you. !ENGAGE 25

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