Self Help for Trolls #3. : On building our own cultures together

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Why I’m interested in culture and culture exchange and what culture really is.

I also share my reasons for starting Hive Cross Culture. I took a break from promoting but we are still alive so come join us if you’d like to share your experiences in another culture, thoughts about your own culture, bilingual posts, or posts about language.

(I posted Self Help for Trolls #3 first)


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Look at you, your head isn't really pineapple! Lovely to see you in person. 😉

Thank you for a reminder about the community. My brain's been like a sieve lately. I think I need to write a to do list for Hive.

Look at you, your head isn't really pineapple!


 last year 

Hope your brain is ok!

Yeah come join us!!

Thanks for this clarification. I get it much more now. Great idea. I definitely had a lot to learn when living in Indonesia and even in Hawaii actually. Will definitely check out the community. Nice to see you on video as well!

 last year 

I would love to hear about it!! Hope you come join!

Nice one buddy! I think this is the best video of you I've seen so far. I really liked the way it flowed. I wish that this initiative of you takes off as , like you, I believe that understanding other cultures is one of the best ways to make the world a better place.


 last year 

Thanks man! I feel like I'm getting into a new grove.