Complementary Therapies - Being a Guinea Pig in Ear Acupuncture

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

You are going to embrace a new journey with me!

As some know, I'm a Spa Therapist!


Besides massages, I have other specific therapies that I learned in my course, like Hot Stones, Reflexology, even Bambootherapy (oh this one is awesome go take a look lolol)!

Acupuncture was one of the things I would like to learn but never got the opportunity.

But yesterday got to be a volunteer for a study!


Auriculotherapy (also auricular therapy, ear acupuncture, and auriculoacupuncture) is a form of alternative medicine based on the idea that the ear is a microsystem, which reflects the entire body, represented on the auricle, the outer portion of the ear. In Wikipedia

Here's a map that I got from Google:


Was wondering if I should show my ear but oh well lol I have some plasters almost the same color as my skin and under them, there are little magnet spheres to keep stimulating during the week.


Check the video to know more :)

Thank you so much for watching and reading!




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I was able to watch the whole video on 3Speak, Eliana! Great job! I am all too familiar with sciatica. I was about your age when I was dealing with it on a regular basis. Laid up and taking pain killers and even tried chiropractic. That run up a huge tab in a hurry. So I stopped it and just figured out how to deal with it myself by moving around and trying to do some yoga. I shared this with my sisters who are very into alternative therapies as well. They are into yoga and showed me the poses I should do to relieve my pain.

Thank you Lisa!
Sciatica is a pain that's been "on holidays" and I hope it stays that way lol
I should try yoga or just some stretching, just that helps a lot to relieve the pain!

I do believe in reflexology and acupuncture and it was a no brainer for me to be a volunteer!

Thank you for sharing with your sisters :)


You're welcome for both, Eliana! Activity is the key to keep that pain away. So, much better than pain pills which can cause organ damage if you're on them too long.
Looking forward to learning about the rest of your ear acupuncture journey.
Thanks for the tokens!
Happy Weekend!

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this is very interesting 😁 tho i'd find it slightly difficult to have this done since my ears are ticklish 😅 thank you for sharing something insightful!

Hehe very understandable. Glad I don't have that issue 🤣
So a massage on your paws then 😋

Thank you so much for your comment and share!




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