Clone Sunday Episode #1 - Lemon-Ups

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Clone Sunday week number 1. To start, I had this awesome video and well deleted it.

On this episode I show off the nice clean 2×2 that is going to be a clone tent with veggies and cannabis.

This will be a weekly series to show you how I clone, and we'll show off the clones I have that week and shoot the shit about hive blockchain.

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 8 days ago (edited)

Hope those clones pan out, I know some people that have luck reveg-ing, but they never look pretty in the beginning. Nice opening sequence by the way. More video content please!!

Also, I burned 100 LOTUS promoting this the moon!

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Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. I hope they do to I love this strain. I love re-veg but you are right they never look very nice till they can grow out.

Will do on the videos, 😀