Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question - "How has your energetic experience changed during this global pandemic"

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Hello beautiful people.

Today I wish to share the Abundance.Tribe's Bi Weekly Question. The tribe has been answering these questions for a long time now. (especially when we were formerly know as TribeSteemUp and based on steemit) These questions were posted for members in the discord channel, but now we wish to open them up to everyone on the hive platform.

We are living in a time, where it has never been more important to ask questions. So that we can stay informed and begin to understand and see the bigger picture in all of this. This can only be achieved by doing our own research, because the majority of information that we receive, especially that which comes from the mainstream media, is very deceptive and downright false. It is our responsibility to be informed, so that we can make the right decisions.

The aim of the biweekly question is to help promote self awareness, so that we can begin to go back to a point in our lives, where we are connecting more with our intuitive self. I am always telling my girls to keep asking questions, because the narrative we are told, is only ever one sided, if even at that. By asking these questions, we are getting one another to dig deep and to reflect on our lives. To focus on what we really want in life and on how we are going to achieve it.

I, @trucklife-family have posed most of the questions in the past, but any member of the tribe is always welcome and encouraged to put them forward. We are such a diverse group of people within the tribe and it’s really important that we all have the opportunity to voice our opinions and to pose questions that are relevant to our lives right now. Some of the questions in the past have been very personal, with some being more broader, but they’ve always been based around empowering ourselves and one another.

This question today has been put forward by @indigoocean

How has your energetic experience changed during this global pandemic

We all have so much to offer and so much to learn from one another and that’s why I think it’s really important to open these questions up to everybody on the platform. There is a one week deadline for answers and everyone who does so, will get a upvote from the tribe of at least 10%.

Posting Guidelines

  • Post your answers to the question in the Abundance.Tribe community.
  • Use any form of expression that makes it easiest for you to share your Truth.
  • Post between now and the 28th May.
  • This question is open to everyone within the Hive Platform.

I look forward to everyone’s answers and I hope that you all are having a great week.




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Thank you so much for choosing my question for this week. I want to deepen the invitation. We are a tribe of whole people. I invite you to answer this question not from idea to idea, but from heart to heart. Regardless of your ideas about the pandemic, have you noticed a shift in planetary energy? If you have, how has that shift affected you? How has your energetic experience changed during this period in our collective experience?

Thanks for the clarification - that helps my thinking. I'll do my best to find time to respond to this one. xx

I so look forward to learning from your answer!

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Thank you for your response x

thank you for your response x

This is my entry for you Biweekly question.


Hopefully you will like my efforts. Have a nice time!