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The fragrance of herbs is like none other - and somehow enhanced by knowing it is healing on so many levels.

Today @artemisshares brings you 3 herbal posts to enjoy and support - 2 established Hive authors and one total newbie. There are things here for you to try, to taste, to make and to enjoy. Inspired to pot up some more oregano? I am!!

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Foraged Hand Made Nettle Tea

Making your own herbal teas from herbs you find in your garden or out in the woods? It's so rewarding!! Nettles are NOT just a stinging nuisance - they're a powerful healing plant which render a delicious tea. Easy to do yourself. Read more...


Nature Photography: Oregano and Its Use & Benefits

Enjoying the flavours our mothers and grandmothers used, and learning about the healing magic it also bring. Oregano is easy to grow and thrives on being cut back and enjoyed. Read more...


Thai Style Green, Red and Massaman curry paste For Fruits and Veggies Monday

Such an aromatic, tasty, spicy, amazing thing to do - make your own Thai curry pastes! Yes, it's quite simple and loads of fun. Easy step by step here! Read more....

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Thanks a million!!!!

when i first saw this i was like holy cow we have the same teapot then i saw you reblogged my post... THANKYOU <3

Great finds! Im for some good tea! 🍵

You bet, making your own herbal tea is the best thing to do. I have been making mine with a mix of herbs and I am so addicted to it, when I am travelling I feel a strong craving and miss it so much.