Is Ecology the one true form of Spirituality?

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We were all made from mother earth. We are a part of her still. Our lungs are her lungs, our thoughts her thoughts, our bones her bones. We are one with Nature around us and any other notion of self is mere trickery.

As we progress in the journey of our lives, the environment sustains us by bringing rain on our crops and even the fuel we use was created fom organic matter, decomposed aeons ago. It is folly to be thinking about some kind of life on Mars within a closed loop system in a hostile environment, exposed to both solar and interstellar radiation. It is not a life I would wish on my worst enemy. I don't have a bone to pick with space aficionados, in fact, I am one, but there is no telling the planetary toll this industry has already taken on our fragile Mother.

Although space exploration has fostered so much international cooperation, perhaps preventing wars with would have created even greater destruction, it remains a very costly endeavour. It is often made in the name of what sets us apart from Nature, makes us superior to the wild, when we should be focusing more on living in harmony with the elements.

Only spirituality has the power to make me feel at peace with myself

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The irony lies in how difficult it is to define yourself as more than just a consumer. On a personal level, only spirituality has the power to make me feel at peace with myself, warts and all, as it is a place where I can grow from my past mistakes. I find climate change extremely scary and coming at humanity quite strongly and with might. In my humble opinion, green energy is a joke, made to alleviate the general population's heavy conscience and it cannot possibly lead to any kind of carbon neutrality. I am not a pessimist, I just call them like I see them.

Spirituality offers the astral plane, a place where I can unload my baggage and forge myself a new path, regardless of the harsh reality for coral reefs, for example.

- With the help of countless guided meditations on social media Lucid Dreaming has become more accessible than ever. You can find a space, much closer to your inner self. A state that refuses to be put into words and where the words in the meditation often melt away into your own virtual tableaus.

- Through mantras it is also possible to get rid of anxiety and you may even be chanting a mantra without realizing it; after repeating the same thing over and over again accidentally.

- The healing touch of our hands is always near, when we do not have someone else to feel. You can imagine it is someone else touching you. When you bump your knee, notice how the hands come to the rescue with their uncanny restorative ability.

All these little tips which are spiritual in nature can help you take the small steps to improve your life. Because whether or not we are all going to die from a climatic apocalypse, I still think that we should be our most graceful self until the very end.


Dignity stands out as a word that could elegantly describe how I would wish to die, gracefully, not kicking and screaming but with some resignation. It could very well be that much of my self-worth comes from things that are invisible and beyond me. When I feel distressed, I muse on the great goddess Gaia and she takes care of me, soothes me. I can always rely on her, the knowledge that she is omnipresent gives me strength.

When my head is filled with humans and their depressing ways, I try to think of:

Such complex life forms as cats, rice or turtles. Evolved species like ants, moss or water bears or beautiful creatures such as slime mould, koalas and tuna.


There is some occult in the science and vice and versa, one cannot be distinguished from the other, no matter how evil the pharmaceutical corporations they are still a part of the great wheel of life. However, the dichotomy is pretty clear. Furthermore, while I may be tempted to use modern medicine should I have a terminal illness, I am still very much interested in looking for solutions on the astral plane, looking for ways to connect to my own fate on a deeper level. Potions and herbs would not be out of the question even though unfortunately, I would have to make a very tough call.

Another positive thing about Natural Medicine is how given that I do not have such an illness at present, it can absolutely work wonders to keep me in good health! Organic ingredients make for an outstanding source of nourishment and by eating little to no meat, you can avoid the horrible memories of creatures hurt by the system. Because I do think you absorb the pain of those creatures and unfortunately free-range and organic are a little expensive in that department.

In ancient times, most humans would eat very little meat. Only by having a spiritual connection with animals can I change my ways and partake once a week or less, just like our ancestors. A good friend from the Natural Medicine community told me to avoid feeling like there should be mock meat every vegan diner. I am still working on that one. I am frankly uncertain whether or not I will die much less evolved than I am hoping. Oh well!


One thing is sure, I am in zero position to lecture anyone about spirituality as I am constantly attracting bad Karma through my bad habits.


It is all about protecting what is most worthy, our lakes, deserts and estuaries it. It is much bigger than our personal aptitude to be perfectly matched to the agenda at hand, it is about doing everything we can to respect our planet day in and day out.

For me environmental consciousness is intrinsically spiritual, it is about a sense of deep reverence for this power I call Gaia. You may another name for it, but by the beliefs that unite us and compel our species to exist harmoniously with Nature, we can absolutely make a difference. Is it enough to be able to withstand the future? Probably not. However it will keep us focused on doing virtuous things in every way we can and by doing it as a community, recycling and all that good stuff, we shall look back at our lives and be proud of who we were.

This post is a response to @trucklife-family's bi-weekly question brought to you by the one and only Abundance Tribe:

“Ecology and spirituality are fundamentally connected, because deep ecological awareness, ultimately, is spiritual awareness.”

-Fritjof Capra

It was an absolute delight to get those neurons firing over these issues which are very close to my heart. I am grateful for this beautiful tribe!


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My heart is melting


Let's Vulcan mind meld together "My thought to your thoughts". Love you sister!

Beautiful and pretty deep.

I am frankly uncertain whether or not I will die much less evolved than I am hoping. Oh well!

This made me smile, as well as your face under the blossom.

One thing is sure, I am in zero position to lecture anyone about spirituality as I am constantly attracting bad Karma through my bad habits.

And this too.

Humor is a great tool that we can now use more than ever. I'm trying to add to that in my upcoming book(s) and daily life.

I'm sure your doing just fine. Doing your best is a great start.

Onward and upward.

A hug from Portugal,


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I didn't realize I was being funny!

Thank you love, you are more precious than the finest Jade.

Who is Jade?

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Beautiful response @edouard, There are so many different layers covered in your response, but all bringing it back to our connection to self and our connection to the collective whole. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts xxx