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This week the question posed by the @Abundance.Tribe is

What has been the biggest lesson you have learnt so far this year about humanity and how is it affecting your life?

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A big concern popped up during these Covid times and that is folks loosing their sense of humanity!

Being human is the one thing we have in common. We are all humans sharing this one planet. When we forget about this and start treating people as sub-humans or some animated objects that don't have the same needs, feelings or hopes as us, the world can become a cold and sterile place with people isolated.


People are not meant to live in isolation, we are geared for communities.

In our communities we can find strength and when people embrace their humanity and have empathy and compassion towards others the world can be a beautiful place with people working together, knowing we are all in this together.


It was interesting, a former business partner of mine who I worked very closely with even before forming a partnership, had really wanted people to succeed, often more than they wanted to succeed. I made a comment to him that

he was a hard taskmaster!

He replied with

Poverty is a hard task master

He had a deep sense of humanity and cared for his fellowmen.

I admired this in him. He was also a man of action, someone who if he saw a problem or something going awry, would step up and do what he could to correct it - this inspired me.

Often when I am faced with challenging situations where I may feel like ignoring them and just carry on with my easy, comfortable ways, the image of him pops into mind and thoughts like

What would Dr. Lant (my former business partners name) do?

And I would ask myself if I have the moral courage to face these challenges, meet them and address them?

In these challenging times, now is not the time to take the easy route, just following along blindly, but it is a time, if you are facing adversities, to rise up to these challenges, drawing on your strengths and work towards making a better world, keeping that strong sense of humanity and compassion. This will take you much further and will be better for your welfare and the welfare of those around you.


May we all be happy and peaceful with peace and harmony prevailing in this world!

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