Making the most important film of my life

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I felt at the end of last year like I had retired after my solar farm construction drone-lapse film but recent events have been pulling me more and more in the direction of making one last film with a clearly focused goal and intention. I am building a new way of life in the mountains (which is actually the old way of life) and I am seeking like-minded people to join me.

For the last few days I have been playing with ideas, building energies & increasing my knowledge of certain subjects.

The recent chat with @eco-alex really helped.

You can listen to it here

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Following the creative process personal to me

As is the way with my creative process, I prepared a mandala outlining the why, what, how & who. My desk then becomes awash with different scraps of paper, notes, drawings & crystals. Much of it completely unrelated!

Building outward from these core foundations of why, what, how & who, one is able to connect with a clearer picture of the whole vision, its interconnectivity, how the goals can be achieved and who the project is being aimed at.

Just start filming!

I have always enjoyed the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who is know as Germany's Shakespeare.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Goethe

So, knowing I wanted to make some kind of film I simply took my camera to the garden a few days ago and started talking. Not about anything in particular. Vegetables mostly.


But from this simply tour of thriving food production came an idea to contrast it with the current horrors of the world.

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Of course, there must always be a presented solution in these kind of films. In this case I chose to focus on biotecture and a great animation made by @eco-alex showcasing his latest Earthship design.

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I also included some shots from the amazing construction work by @stortebeker.


Wanting more...

I have already edited a 20min and a 10min version of the film.

Perhaps I will also edit a 3min version too.

While the film does feel like a complete 'thing' it also feels like the pre-cursor to something bigger.

Like the teaser to get me into the Vortex...


Feedback please

I am uploading the 10min version to YouTube as an unlisted film right now, at 4K resolution for your full viewing pleasure.

For this reason however it is taking all day!

Once it is done I will post here and look forward to your feedback.

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I am so looking forward to see the video. I born in mountains and then shifted to a city for work. I completely relate with word you said above. I often used to think about life in the wood with books. Now I don't even find time to think about it. That's how preoccupied life has become.

These are beautiful pictures and I find myself in the zone already. You know when you read something so close to the nature, it brings sense of togetherness.

Thanks for coming up with such an idea✝️

Life is very good at tricking us into following the path to the city. I lived in London for 30 years and thought it was the best place in the world! Till I left ;)

I had to spend many months walking around the world (always barefoot) to find the real reason I am here on this Great Playground.

YouTube is still processing the 4K high quality aspect of the video but it can now be viewed here:

Honest feedback essential. Don't just be friendly.

Does it make you want to sell your city house and buy a plot of land in the Pyrenees? That's the main question.

I can be totally friendly and speak truth at the same time.

For sure I will be watching and sharing my feedback.